Star Wars Roleplay - A Story Driven RP

Hello all,

As owner of Esio Entertainment (a very small Australian Gmod community), I would like to publicly announce my WIP project; Star Wars Roleplay. It is a customisation of DarkRP which is obviously based around Star Wars.

What is it?

Star Wars Roleplay is a story based roleplay project which is designed to bring players together to work as a whole. Unlike other RP servers, this one gives the players a choice; to work as a community or fail. The story behind the RP is pretty simple at first; after crash landing on an abandoned planet, you find other players (formally being Alliance and Imperial players, so yes, you get to choose a Side/Faction (with the exception of Hobos)) and find out that they too have crash landed onto this planet. You also find out that the planet is a ‘dead zone’ for communications aka there is no way to contact people off planet. After you spawn the first time, you choose if you wish to side with the Alliance of Empire. At the moment, in the screenshots down the bottom, the Job section is nothing but Empire related characters, expect a change soon. The reason I said that is because in the end, the Empire will rule the streets as the Authority (Civil Protection) and the Alliance will be Rebels (the Mob). Neutral jobs/characters will specialize in Gun Dealing and Medic Droid’ing. With the exception of the Hobo, these neutral characters play a vital role for each side. The roleplay will be split into three acts, which is the reason players must work together. I can only share Act I’s details with you for now, as Act II and III will contain spoilers, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out on your own.

Act I: After crash landing onto an Earth-like planet, you find yourself thrown into a constant war between the Empire and the Alliance. With no means of contacting the outside, you are forced to pick a side or become an agent to both sides. As the walls around the city keeps everyone inside, a darker menace is rising on the outside, coming to take back it’s city…

Act II will basically throw the players into an intense and dangerous situation in which they will only be able to use the guns/ammo/food/water they carried over from Act I. It will change the Roleplay into a Roleplay Survival. If Act I & II are a success, the RP will move onto a third and final act for the “Trilogy”. And if that is successful, a “sequel trilogy” will be planned and created. This variation of DarkRP will be tested and have a trial run on a server based in Sydney, Australia, but if anyone else outside of Australia wishes to do the same, I will give them the files and they’ll be able to do their own thing with it.

Nothing impressive so far, but here is a very small glimpse into what is to come:

A player bank, run by trusted players/admins, will allow players to take “loans” from the government(server) money. A system will be put in place to avoid abuse of this.

And just a bunch of random jobs which are still yet to be edited:

And the only driveable vehicle thus far:

Blasters will be made from scratch and be sold within the server, replacing the CSS & Gmod weapons. Also, lightsabers will make an appearance. The above screenshots have content created by other players, which permission will be asked from the original creators before the release of this RP.

Thanks so much for taking the time to have a look,


(And as for the above logo, yes, I do suck at graphic design)

Another one that doesn’t know the difference between RP and RPG.

When you roleplay, you don’t choose a prefixed role and follow a storyline, you follow a timeline. You live your life through a character that you have created, with a different personality and different ambitions(most often). You create a story for your character as you play within a open world without any goals at all. Second life is a roleplay. The players, roleplaying within this enviroment creates the story step by step.

What you have presented to us, is just another RPG, where you’re thrown into a world controlled by a story. I can go so far to say that DarkRP and whatever custom mods that follow do have a few roleplay elements to them, but not enough to be considered a roleplay.

Roleplay in its true form does not exist in Garry’s Mod and it never will.

… and its on Evocity? No thanks :suicide:

Thank you for your post, Motabo. All feedback and criticism is much appreciated. I can understand where you’re coming from, so I wont say <insert debate here>, but instead, I will ask you and anyone else that agrees with you, to look at this as the “Roleplay” we know of that exists inside of Gmod.

:EDIT: @Steven, I was using Downtown V6 as a placeholder to test what it would look like. Obviously there will be Star Wars themed maps :slight_smile:

Are you taking developers to help you? If so please add me in steam
Killerbob The Great

This is quite cool even though it’s DarkRP I am looking forward for this… :3

No thanks.

Oh, and Games In Progress is the section you’re looking for.

Hi JebusJM if you are interested in Star Wars modelling\rigging for cash then pm me your steamid. I have done alot of work on Star Wars and alot of it is just sitting on my HDD.

Looks promising. : )

I am inclined to say this was a terrible move, you should know nothing like this get’s taken positively on Facepunch.

For one Star-Wars RP isn’t anything new, I ran a Star-wars themed DarkRP just like yours, however despite Dark RP Being a very basic and simple game mode it was a lot more ‘advanced’ than what you’re showing at the moment - I should note; The DarkRP server I am mentioning was made for fun with my friends but happened to get pretty popular for a while. -

The only difference between your server and any downtown/city Dark RP is that you’ve traded the playermodels out for these:

And added a Landspeeder, which again can be found on the workshop.

Not even the map is star-wars or even futuristically orientated either.

But in the end, Gamemode & Addon Releases is not a place to advertise your server or community unless you’ve got something worthwhile sharing.

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Quick logo design idea:

Don’t criticize others when you did the exact same thing he did.

Hey Pogh, I will definitely be looking for some Alpha testers. I’ll add you on Steam :slight_smile:

Respectfully, I think you’re being overcritical. This thread wasn’t designed to gain the project some popularity, I just needed a place to call home for it. And with Facepunch basically being the home for Gmod modders and developers, where could I go wrong :slight_smile: This whole project is me wanting to do something new with the game and expand my knowledge in modding/scripting. I’m not advertising my community or server (as it hasn’t even got a public one for this, only a 6 slot private one at the moment), this thread is for the mod. My reason for saying where the mod will be hosted, I was relaying the message “Non-Aussie players, I don’t want to force you to play with 300+ pings, so I’ll give you the chance to take the files for your own use”.

I really like that logo design though :slight_smile:

If you’re not going to let people play as smugglers and hang around in a cantina, then it’s no fun. I want to hang out in a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Haha, I’m actually glad you posted this. I am in the process of designing a Gmod cantina just for this :slight_smile: Smuggler will definitely be a class, possibly with Han Solo as a model. And to top it off, there will also be a Bounter Hunter class lead by none other than Boba Fett :slight_smile:

You might want to focus less on established characters and more on the archetypes. Players won’t really want to run around as clones of Han Solo - just get a modeller to make smuggler-ish clothing or headhack Solo’s body with the regular Half-Life 2 citizen heads. And alien options would be great, that’d make the cantina really come alive.

If you really focus on the background story of Star Wars instead of the whole light vs. dark epic, which is nearly impossible to translate to a RP without frustrating everyone, you’ll find a wealth of good material. You can have a whole metaculture with players as crime bosses, hiring bounty hunters or smugglers to do their bidding.

I’d like to add that I happen to agree with others, in that your methodology for this is not suitable for RP. I was never a big fan of RPs, but they’re not about playing parts in a game master’s story, they’re about choosing your own role and creating your own story with the intervention of other players. Star Wars is an ideal setting for that because, as the Expanded Universe shows, there’s a lot of flexibility.

Actually theres a server called “Forest Servers| STAR WARS Edition | WIRE|” and they have a pretty good Star Wars RP in place. Not going to advertise but for the forums sake here’s the ip:

Does anybody remember the Star Wars RPG that the Big.S made a while back that was amazing and had all custom player models and everything?? And I think the Big.s made it or the Big.something

I didn’t do the exact same thing he did, and I didn’t advertise is on facepunch in the wrong place. (or at all).

I’m just going to skip out on all the other things that have been said as they take the words of everyone here.

Q) Are you a developer yourself as the stuff that people have submitted to you are extremely basic edits.

Other than that you have little chance of being successful if you rely on people submitting content to you.

Also that guy above offering to be a developer wasn’t asking for beta testing, he was offering you models (props).

Thanks for the kind words. If you bothered to take notice of what other users content I was using, you would have seen they were all models, and I am not a modeller. I have ran multiple TTT servers in my past, all with custom content created by me. But since TTT isn’t all there is to do with coding, I moved onto something bigger.

Do you happen to know what an oxymoron is?

Instead of all this negativity, how about you all just sit back and see what I come up with first. I have given a lot of thought to Mythos’ comments, and have decided to do something different regarding the Job section. The Jobs are currently in the process of being scrapped, and a new “Create a Character” is being coded.

This would have way more potential if it wasn’t running on D-RP. Try something like NuttyScript.