Star Wars RP Event Ideas - Clone Wars

Does anyone have any event ideas? It must have:

  • Storyline that fits the event
  • Characters required
  • Something to say to brief (start of event) and a debrief (end of event)

Please share your ideas below

a group of sith join the server, murder everybody then crash it

Maybe try a “non-copy-of-darkrp-with-‘donator’-tiers-that-are-really-money-whoring-pieces-shit-filled-with-12-year-olds” gamemode day

Creative. :cry:

Dude, this is like your third thread devoted to Star Wars RP. Might want to tone it back a bit.

Your server doesn’t seem like it.

Unbelievable! A member comes here to ask for help and advise and this is where it ends up?

This forum needs sweeping badly :angry:

Make an event where you close your server down.

Had enough of this thread, makes my skin crawl. Nobody upstairs gives a damn either.

bye, you won’t be missed :smug:

Cries on the inside Server went down :smug: Im done RP.

  1. Either the staff is shit and players leave the server and the server goes down.
  2. The server goes well but the owner has a “Best friend” who takes over the server and locks his friend out and changes the PayPal password.
  3. Or the Owner is a 6 year old who just Davy Crockets everything.


It’s you, pastor mikey and velkon that ruined this thread as the Op asked a simple question to have you and the anti darkrp brigade rating me and that user dumb I suppose the original op has looked at the thread and thought sod that for a laugh so my original query as to how he got on will not be answered.

I understand that you must be young from your profile pic (still think a frog meme•(a cartoon) is cool) but you will need to grow up sooner or later.

Get yourself a girlfriend/partner (I don’t know what rocks your boat) it will calm you down a bit as you come across as very frustrated.

you are one sad, angry little man my friend and its frankly made my afternoon
the reason the “anti darkrp brigade” even exists is because darkrp is full of people like you, people who the rest of the gmod community wants nothing to do with
[sp]if you want people to take you seriously you should perhaps show some self control instead of going from 0 to 900% mad over some internet randoms having a bit of banter[/sp]

If you don’t want to join the DarkRP servers, that’s fine no one is forcing you to. Your entitled to your own opinion however the way many of the members of this Internet forum website are acting puts down snd downright insults people like me and hundreds of others who work hard to volunteers and help the gamemode even in times when things look bad, while you sit in your cosy armchairs complaining while doing nothing.

aw boo hoo somebody on the internet said something mean about somebody else, what a tragic and unexpected turn of events

also i do occasionally help out a server if i see something worth preserving in it, that happens less and less these days though

We have a word for that. It’s called “trolling” and I think you might be familiar with it? Don’t act like we don’t know who you are, I according to a lot of server logs after doing a quick Google search of your pseudonym and steam ID I’ve found a number of records and bans for “mining”,“trolling” and “hacking”. So I Fail to see how you can take the moral high ground here with the statement you “occasionally help out servers” which seems very hard to believe from your track record and previous posts on this website forum system.

Another point is using the “internet” excuse is just a troll tactic to get away with being a complete knob to other people online, it’s the sort of excuse used by people who bully others offline and then stated “it’s their fault!”. Incredibly dangerous and morally unacceptable which should not be tolerated by the moderation team here. He clearly is here to slander the people who put hours upon hours of work into the game mode, building maps, creating code and administrating servers while he sits here complaining. Not contributing to anything constructive and seldom positive to the forum system and constantly complains about DarkRP, roleplayers and children (very worrying).

After admitting to trolling I believe that legendofrobbo needs to be put on the ignore/report list for breaking the user policy of this website.

The issue is , you seem incapable of grasping what is wrong with twisting a thread like this one into yet another of your vile anti-darkrp rants.•

I don’t know what happened to you to make you this way but I actually feel sorry for you. Listening to you talk reminds me of those depressed alcoholics you hear announcing their suicide plans at night…

The world is what you make of it and I truly pity you, having to live in the abomination you have built around yourself.

Dude. You’re taking shit too seriously.
Please cease and leave.
Nobody likes a pretentious prick and you’re bordering on flaming.

Also, please be more concise when giving the “you are everything that is wrong with this world speech”, nobody has time/should have to read something that is ultimately just of little value.

Besides, didn’t you



When someone insults something you and many others have put hard work into and maintained to encounter on the Garrys mod forum obnoxious pricks like legendofrobbo and the rest of the Anti-DarkRP brigade whom can’t see that a lot of time and effort has gone into the game mode and don’t have the least bit of respect or courtesy for what people have done. Wouldn’t you be passionate for something you and your friends have worked hard on only to be informed by the so called “members” of a forum that’s meant to inspire positive discussion and thought that the game mode is “cancer”.

The most infuriating point is that they complain but they never contribute or help the issue. Ask someone who says “DarkRP is cancer” or a similar phrase what they have done to contribute or help the problems that arise in the GM.

No I will not leave, I refuse to conform to the widely held belief here that the hard work and coding of hundreds of people is void and pointless. call me what you like “pretentious”, it just makes what I’m doing seem more valid.

A majority of them shove in a bunch of addons in the server, without optimization on hand. Notice a lot of darkrp servers are roughly the same? We do not need more of it, its adding to the hundreds of darkrp servers that are pretty much the same. “DANKRP | M9k | $42,000 start | TDM CARS | WEED | ADMINS NEEDED | TOTALLY CUSTOM” kinda deal.

Take Braxnet RP as a role model. They actually code their server with actual custom addons, and actually doing time and effort. (I’d call it braxnet rp instead of darkrp at that point though) Apparently, you find just putting in all the addons you can is effort.

Setting up a Darkrp server does take time, yes. But putting in a bunch of addons takes little effort compared to the servers that actually create their own content. And those servers are usually the ones that aren’t very popular which is unfortunate.

Insulting personally isnt my taste of feedback, but you would think at this point that it’s obvious that there are just TOO many darkrp servers that are TOO much alike. (starwars rp and Military rp are quite honestly similar, just one has different playermodels)

While your points are all valid I have stated it before and will do so again.

The average gmod player could care less how custom the content is, that’s not what they are after. They are more interested in ease of use and similarity. Most of them are small kids and they like using the same addons over and over again since they are already familiar with them. It’s inherent for humans to resist change so people are more likely to play on a server with similar addons to have a universal experience. They are not interested in constantly joining different servers with new stuff for them to learn. Yes, custom content is cool and people put a lot of work into it but it’s not the right fit for this game anymore. You can keep trying to push your custom stuff but let’s face it, gmod has been over run with small children and they don’t share the same ideas about the content that people have here on FP. If people truly cared about the recycling process of darkRP the gamemode would have died out a long time ago. Instead it’s only increasing in popularity as more kids join servers running the gamemode everyday.

Now that being said bearcatta you are being pretty ridiculous in this thread. It’s the equivalent of entering a lions den and then getting upset when you get swallowed by the lions. Before you start making threads on FP you should have noticed the amount of disdain towards the darkRP game mode. Logic would then dictate this thread would be a waste of time. If you want suggestions for star wars RP then take it to a place that either talks about star wars or a forum for your star wars rp server. Posting here is only going to get you shit and frankly if you haven’t understood that yet you don’t belong here. Your replies are agonizing to read you are trying your damndest to make yourself sound intelligent but you misspell almost every other word. Do yourself a favor if you are going to try and argue against someone at least read over your responses before posting it.