Star Wars Rp

I Have been trying for 2 days now to get the starwarsrp gamemode to work but everytime I start up the server it changed back to sandbox. I have set the command line to start StarwarsRp but it wont work.

Any suggestions? :3

What is the name of the folder?

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Also, post your command line.

-console -condebug -game garrysmod -nohltv -maxplayers 32 +ip hidden :wink: -port 27155 +map rp_venator.bsp +gamemode starwarsrp +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0

folder = starwarsrp

Where did you get this

Considering this was last updated in 2010, I doubt it will work very well/at all.
Instead of straight up installing it, I recommend you install the latest version of DarkRP and use that StarWarsRP as a guide or reference to what you are actually trying to create. Some things may still be up-to-date in the addon such as jobs which you can probably just copy over to DarkRP modification.

it was last updated in 4 months ago :3

No, that’s when it was reuploaded from the old site.

oh, well I just want my server to show up in the starwarsrp category. Could I just rename my darkrp gamemode to that?

Not the folder, but yes.


Thanks for your help! :smiley:

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that never worked :confused:

There’s protection on renaming now to prevent DarkRP clones.

Why the fuck did you create a second post for the same shit trying to get people to make you the gamemode itself.
At least close the other post

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At least you could told us in the other post about the thing.
But you didnt…

I know you are the same person beacouse as well as before, you created a new account to talk about the same thing.
Im not idiot, and this has to be known beacouse you have an alt account, wich can be banned.
For any mod that wonders, here you have the other post, from wich, as well, he created the account to only post about this:

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Both are created after the account was created, and both are star wars related.
Coincidence? I think not