Star Wars RP

I mean, why not? We have the models and all.

Because it requires work.


Have another box for your box fort.

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I don’t think Star Wars RP would really work, because there’s too many idiots that would ruin everyones fun
“hurr durr im darth vader!” or “hurr durr im yoda”.

and there’s too much direct combat in star wars for RP to be successful.

no different than HL2RP.

“hurr durr im a rebel” or “hurr durr im gordon freeman”.

and HL2 had a bunch of combat too.

It’s a good idea but would lead with a lot of ‘I’m a jedi! Imma pwn u wit ma lightsaberz’

Application system for flags to be given out to less-serious role-play communities that want to prevent abuse, but also keep less serious, places like PERP would have this.

Application system for flags, and you would have actual RP would be for places like TnB, Shhh, and all the other serious communities.

Well hay. Live in Fear does Fallout 1 and 2. You think people will be like hurr durr Ima badass but you really don’t get that alot and Fallout has assloads of combat and we only see gun fights every so often and we really just do /me

I suppose overall you’re right. I think it’s a good idea. Plus It would be kind of cool to use in that one starwars map called… ‘tattoine’ I think. This is a good idea. I’d play it. Although try to keep lightsabers down to a whitelist that is Very hard to get.

NO. JUST NO. Please, for the love of god, we’ve ruined all the other best franchises, why do you have to ruin Star Wars? It’s the last bastion, please leave it be.


Umm dude its just Rp if you don’t like it then leave. Like I said before a thousand times if you have a good admin team a good leader and good roleplayers your going to have good roleplay. Like I thought with LiF will be full of minges that they can run in the town and kill everything in sight but they don’t. The new players don’t just get miniguns and lasers the first day. The main reason we stop this is bucuase they don’t think they have it until they get the SWEP to use it. Pepole will love to be diffrent pepole and have storys and to become a Jedi or Sith or another major faction just make them right an application if its good you can bring them in and see how they do. If its not good don’t give it to them.

you sound like one of those teenage girls on youtube

in empire era there could be only 3 jedi characters (luke , yoda , obiwan) and 2 sith (vader , pop- palpatine) so I don’t think there could be a problem for that if the leader of community will restrict them to people who he can trust

In other words the admin and his friends all get to round around DMing with overpowered lightsabers.

You could do it easily without flags and applications, you just need a system by which members get into factions run by people that stop people from becoming a mega-jedi-death-monster. In other words, you’d need a strong community.

I doubt doing it in empire era would be a good Idea. It would restrict the Rp to Star Wars Cannon, and the fact it has a huge galactic war going on in it would give people a major excuse for DM.

To expand, I would think some kind of Old Republic or Pre-Clone War setting would be better. You could be a citizen, or join the Siths or Jedis, maybe do some bounty work, or set up a shop. It would be really good with a nice map, simple script, and decent admins. If you look at the new SW RPG coming out (Star Wars: The Old Republic), you can see how good a setting star wars is for this class based RP.

What about empire era before the rebellion?

Didn’t TnB do this already?

You are thinking of the Republic?

Well, personally, I would love to see this. I am a uber-star wars geek, and have a few ideas. (most are drawn from others)
First off, you need serious roleplayers, and serious admins.
For canon and playability, the game should be set in either the Imperial Era (pre Yavin), Republic (pre-confed, post-Naboo) time period, or New Republic, pre Yuzahn Vong.