Star Wars / SCI-FI Texture Resource

Was looking for textures to use in my old Star Wars maps and found I can port Jedi Knight Textures.

So I did.

1541 Quality Textures

Enough Said


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I love bold too!


Maybe some preview pics? I know alot of people won’t download 146 MB without some info like resolution, normal maps etc.

Thanks for these, they’re great.

Here’s a preview for those that wants one

That’s just five, although this is just a sort of beta, most transparent textures don’t currently work as I used a batch converter, but in the full version ( very soon hopefully ) I’ll apply normal maps etc.

Atleast they can see the quality, it’s better than nothing.

I think these are a better option to the cncr packs :slight_smile: thanks :slight_smile:

Anythings better than the cncr pack lol.
It’s great to see textures put up here for people who don’t have the know how to make their own. I can’t wait to see some star wars maps! I still think someone needs to seriously attempt a star wars spacebuild, A good experienced mapper that is. Hopefully this pack will help those who would like to try :wink:

Yes, there is a lot of scope for using these materials for something like that, and having downloaded it I can also see the metal textures are pretty good for other things too, since HL2 is kind of lacking on the clean metal front.

Also a lot of good computer console textures to be used.

Agreed, this is definitely going in CNC onslaught, not sure of it’s legality thought, not like I care, I have a copy of Jedi Knights 2 laying around.

Who the hell reported it?

Anyway, thanks for putting it up!

Is this the chemistry avatar reunion or what?

<3 free quality texture packs.

I was thinking the same thing.
On topic: Nice textures must have taken a long time to convert all of them.

We’re all elements, basically a mapping group, like the berries, something Ajacks started a year ago.

But on topic I have to question the legality of these again, so what if I own the game I highly doubt the people who will download my maps will have a copy.

I was just about to do this, damn you!
I probably would have been too lazy to convert tham all to vtf format though…
So nice job!

Put the disclaimer, that just protects yourself. Most people on this forum wouldn’t care about the disclaimer and download it anyway.

Also, I’m converting Jedi Knight Academy’s Textures


These look really good ingame, and they have a surprisingly small filesize.

Does one have some previews of computer textures? I find it very hard to find some…

Why? There is loads…

I think he means in general, not within the pack.

I’ll post a giant preview of diffrent textures tonight