Star Wars SNPCs

In this thread, I will keep links to all of my former SNPCs and provide information about new/upcoming ones.


Sand Trooper SNPC + NPC SWEPs

Rebel SNPC

Clone Trooper SNPCs

Boba Fett SNPC

Republic Commando SNPC pack


Battle Droids (possibly)

Senate Guard

TIE Fighter (possibly)

Make your requests below, you must include a link to the ragdoll you want me to use.

Ragdoll MUST BE:

Star Wars related;

human or human-like;

Rigged for GMOD

Fully Animated, no t-pose.

Go ahead, make your requests!

I thought SNPC’s were NPC’s that had unique animations and functions, like the dragon or dinosaur. Wouldn’t this be regarded as normal NPCs?

Actually, an SNPC is an NPC that uses its own base, rather than relying on a citizen or combine base. This means you can add things like complex relationships, custom sounds, higher/lower health, etc.

so it’s not following a base of a combine soldier? Does it play it’s own sounds?

yes, they all do.

Thats cool. Downloading.

Screw you Jedi, I AM A MANDALORIAN!
Edit: This would have been funnier on my alt.

then why didn’t you post it as your alt? :stuck_out_tongue:

So you basically took Dan’s SNPC base and changed the models?

Because the joke was already ruined.


Also after reading the OP HOLY FUCK BOBA FETT I LOVE YOU

enjoy, boba fett is my favorite, too.

i thought shotgun made it clear he didn’t want npcs unless he gave permission?

he said not to re-upload his models, which i didn’t.

I am planning on making a TIE Fighter SNPC. If you wanna help, here’s how:

Good luck.

DAMN! Shotgunguy’s TIE Fighter wasn’t properly rigged! It rotated 90 degrees when I tested it with model manip. How can I fix this?

Use the force. You ARE a jedi, correct?

The Jedi is a lie!

The Jedi are obsolete, Sith can only fix this problem!

Yes it was.
It’s not meant to be used with model manipulator.