Star wars the clone wars Gmod (Model Recolor) Request

Hey everyone,

Now I know not everyone is interested in doing star wars models for gmod but I do have a request to be made that if someone is interested in helping me out would be gladly appreciated.

So my idea is that there are currently a couple of models from the regiment that these are for. I am struggling to find where the Commander and Captain model but here is the regular trooper model from the pack (if anyone can find out where the Commander and Captain skin are hiding that would be great and would make this process a lot quicker)

Now yes this is a simple recolor but I have absolutely no idea how to do anything with models in gmod (sorry).I am going to give credit to MarcusStarkiller as it was his drawings which gave me and a couple of my friends the idea (pls no ban im only trying doing the right thing). So with the original model in mind what we were thinking of doing was getting the Trooper model, Commander model and Captain model recolored so we could introduce a new section of our regiment/group. The image which we based this of (from Marcus) is this one here Yes it is just those 3 but if they were made

Also a side note for those who are up for a slight more challenge if it could be done if we had the Engineer and Paratrooper from this: done it would be amazing (sorry I don’t have any base model for it to be recolored off)

Sorry about the amount of links in this post but it is kinda necessary to the cause. I’m trying not to get banned but i’m new to forums like this and I don’t fully grasp how to post images as images yet and especially this forum as I joined for the sole purpose of posting this, so please don’t report me.

Anyway sorry the size of the post but hey its a worthy cause.

Thanks guys,