Star Wars the Clone Wars Ragdolls?

Uhm Hey i was Wonder if you can Rig Ragdolls from Star Wars the Clone Wars: Republic Heroes? Like Say Ahsoka, Rex, Obi Wan and Anakin? if you Want pictures I have some

Yeah i would like to see some new star wars models.Lets hope someone will make em

I want Ahsoka, too!!!

In my opinion and mine only I have seen enough of star wars on here :P… I wish to see more of other games… like crysis/fear/oblivion/fallout/etc props/ragdolls … but thats just me more then likely XD

and yes I realize its an late response…

We have milions of props and ragdolls from every single one of those games you listed.

But I want Ahsoka!!! If she has been made, where can I find her?

i want big foot!!! i mean that walkin carpet man whats his name ?

Chewie Chewbacca, of course.

Can anyone please do Ahsoka?

what a bump…

Does that mean a yes or no?