Star Wars The Clone Wars:Republic Heroes 3D Models v2.0

Star Wars The Clone Wars:Republic Heroes 3d Models V2.0

Alright so this time around i went back and extracted these from the main files thanks to a person named Szkaradek123, The one thing different about these is they are fully rigged using the games bones…ect.

I have put in the models from the last thread i did but this time with their bones.

Please tell me if there is any textures missing and i will get them put up here.

These are just a few photos of the models in this pack.

Format: FBX and .dds

Note: If some of the Fbx crashes your 3ds max just open them in noesis and export as fbx and that will fix it.


Fix : Fisto Textures:

FIX: Luminara Textures

Whooo! I always love having droids to rig. :smiley: EDIT: I was actually trying to find a vulture droid earlier today actually, and theres one in here. :smiley: Very nice. Have you by any chance found one of the tank dropper transports?

I love you Corra… That is all.

I just added this new release to your list of model releases on my thread. That should help people find it. Another great release Corra. :slight_smile:

love that assaj ventress model. thanks for sharing these nice models corra :dance:

Truly nice corra, thanks a lot

the kit fisto texture is missing, could you uploaded again please!, thanks.

Ah sorry about that here you go

the luminara texture is missing, could you uploaded again please!, thanks

Nice we got some releases…wait nvm. Blast another collection of models I can’t use.

Well you’d think seeing as this is my second release of models someone by now would of put the last ones i released in GMOD…but nope.

Anyways here is the textures for luminara

thank you most sincerely for Textures for luminara maybe you have also General Grievous

thank you in advance

Will these be ported to GMOD?


Just a heads up before anyone puts them into Gmod with the wrong names:

This is Luminara:

The model in the first post is of Aayla Secura

Are you implying i named the files wrong? cause i just checked them and they are all named right.

oh are there more models in the download than are pictured? my mistake

Yeah there are tons more in the download i just didn’t take photos of everyone. but it’s no problem don’t need to say sorry.

This looks great! I’ve always loved the battle droids for some reason. I’d love to see some Vulture droids, and the AAT looks good! Can’t wait for a Gmod or SFM release.

its possible this game have variety of helmets, like RC one, and its possible port weapons as the underhand chaingun ?

Corra, I have a question for you. Do you have access to any of the clone wars fighters? IE, the Aethersprite, or the Eta 2? I’m a rather large fan of those fighter types, and I was hoping you could help me.