Star Wars The Clone Wars:Republic Heroes and CWA 3d Models

[tab]Name:[/tab] Star Wars The Clone Wars:Republic Heroes and CWA 3d Models

[tab]File Type:[/tab] .3ds and .dds

[tab]Description:[/tab] So here is some models from Star Wars The Clone Wars; Republic Heroes and Clone Wars Adventures, there isn’t every model in here but i will be posting more as i extract them and get them setup,also do note that the models from CWA are kinda low res so being hardly any texture is over 512x512 while all the Republic Heroes ones are around 1024x1024

[tab]Note:[/tab] all models in the screenshots are from republic heroes





i hope someone will make these ragdolls!

Thanks for the files I’ve been waiting for these.

sorry about the photos,something is wrong with dropbox…will try and fix them soonish

it would be fantastic if someone could rig them into player models

also, i’ve always wondered if those are just the tv show’s models ported over into a gaming engine…

Corra, I love you!

What is the best software for viewing/posing these models for a (relative) newbie to the modelling game?

So far almost all the users here, that have ported game models here have been this program to extract them. This program isn’t a game extractor but it gets the models.

I’d recommend starting off with PC games since they are the easiest to get the models from and then gradually work your way into console games, once you feel like you’ve gotten the hang of it.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much, will have a look at that now.

And an extra thank you to the chap kind enough to vote my question as ‘Dumb’ xD

If the OP is still planning on extracting more models from Republic Heroes in the future, it would be awesome if Cad Bane could be one of them. Would love to get a decent-res model of him to play around with (I’ve seen the one from CWA but the detail from that game is quite low).

Hi there, Corra! Are you planning to do rigging? It could be good. :smiley:

can you export the new models of CWA please? I need only sepretaded ones.

Sorry for english.

Try reading the OP first instead of skimming through the entire thread because of the pictures. There’s a download link there for a reason.

I think what he meant is he downloaded these one and realized there were additional ones he wanted. I can agree because I would like to have the Cyborg Darth Maul -he is among them if Savage Opress is there. TRDAZ from the XNALara forums confirmed that.

As @FleetAdmiral1 said ı dowloaded them but 80% of them is not seprated an ı try seprade them ı cant(ı tried every thing) because model built one piece. And ı tried get that model myself but ı cant do this too. And then ı write here to some help me.

A lot of the models uploaded that are CWA are separated because they come in, helmet/head,body,arms and boots so they are separated, the republic heroes ones aren’t.

Also FleetAdmiral1, Cyborg Darth Maul isn’t extractable when you go to open his model all you see if a red light saber with no hilt.

What would you suggest Corra as an alternative find a set of cyborg legs and attach them to the Darth Maul model from Force Unleashed? That might work.

Either that or one of the custom darth mauls from the Knights of the Force Mod which by the way is taking alot more time to extract the models from than I thought. Since there are so many.

Any General Grievous models?

Any models of Aurra Sing, Asajj Ventress, Cad Bane or Mother Talzin?

İn CWA models only “Make your own character” models are seprateted. Remaing of them are not. İf you can upload more seprated models ıt will be good. And if it possible some weapons to.