Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Models

Hi @ all,

first of all these won’t be gmod ports (and i can’t port them).
I’m currently ripping the character models from this game and thought it’d be nice if i distribute them here aswell.
Weirdly not all of them have a normal map for every mesh part o_O Tried three different programs to extract textures and well there were none for some meshes.
These are still a w.i.p cause i have to recreate some parts that use physics in-game.
They’ll be available soon however. Here’s a screen on how they look:

DL link will be up later when i fixed some things.

Awesome! I’m looking forward to it. I can share some things with you too. Not sure if you got my
last DA message.

Will be available soon =)

Oh? o_O Damn it seems like i dA hates me -.- It’s not the first time messages don’t arrive.
What was it about?

I asked if you had the texture for the helmet of ORC’s Spectre. Also, can I ask if you have had any luck with TFU 2 dlc models? I’ve got them on my pc, but xbdecompress has not worked for me. They’re in lp.wad format.

If it helps you, I would be glad to rig some models in Blender for you so you can port to xnalara faster. I know there are some good models waiting out there to be rigged.

I sent you what I believe is Spectre’s helmet texture over at VGU.

Humm badly not =/ I got all files from Kamil on TRF^^
and nope cause i only have the pc version^^ could you send me one of those files so i can take a look?

oh really? o.O That would be epic! Wich ones would you be interested in?

These look fairly nice crofty. What engine does the game run on anyway?

Dunno the engine >.> searched a bit on google but that didn’t help xD

Ah Crofty will these be for Xnalara, I am sure someone can be able to port these into Garry’s Mod. I’ve been waiting for these

I suppose SN could fix the textures

Could you possibly port some of the Clone Troopers?

i second and third and forth that

EDIT: can you please give info on how you extracted these and got them in blender,i have the pc files extracted but don’t know how to import them

I also agree we could really use some of the clones.

Aayla has a very sexy belly. :v:

ugh i wish she’d just release them as is, i wanna rig them up and animate them,i’ve been trying to get my hands on these models since the game came out and i can’t use game assassin cause i don’t have windows xp

They will be released soon =) Ahsoka and Aalya first because Anakin misses a huge part actually and i want to try to get that.

And yes i’ll also rip some clone soliders

cool glad to hear it.

OORAH, finally some Cartoon styled Star wars dudes (and chicks) to have in Gmod!

Please man…port Cad Bane , that guys one the most bad ass charchters since the Fetts

so any news on releasing these models?

give her a little time, the stuff isnt exactly easy to get quickly.