Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Models

Any plans on some of the droids?

I’d love to see General Grievous or one of the Super Droids. (That one with the blaster inside of it’s arm.)

Can’t wait till the release! :smiley:

oooh, is this Crofty from XNA? :open_mouth: She’s awesome! I cant wait :slight_smile:

well since no one cared to post it here

Is it Available to download for Xnalara yet?

nope she just posted the photo and didn’t say anything about it

i see…

You don’t have much patience do you?

not for these models i don’t i’ve been trying to get them from the game since it came out and i don’t have windows xp so i can’t use game assassin to rip them myself or i would

Well i see no reason to post my xnalara wips here.
i’ll upload a rigged version of ahsoka probably later.
I don’t visit facepunch that often^^

you dont need XP to use GA it supports vista to and win 7, also this game has a script.

I thought it was any (x64) computer could use gameassassin and XP couldn’t.

this game has a script to extract the files and convert the textures but not convert the models or load them via a script in 3ds max, if i’m wrong please tell me, and which version does work for win 7 cause i tried all of them on their site and the game just crashes or stays black screen

EDIT: i’d release the halo reach model extractor i have for these models or away to convert them from the game files…

so your offering models for models? why not just help people out and release it anyway regardless if you get stuff in return ?

because if i did release it i’d be in big shit for it and get booted from the team i’m in that made the program and thin i wouldn’t have nothing in return, but people getting pissed at me and be no longer in the team, but if i got something in return for it wouldn’t be so bad if i did get booted cause i got something in return for leaking the tool

so hording is the way to go basically?

no if i knew there wasn’t repercussions for me releasing that tool right now i’d do it, but anyways this is kinda getting off topic

Contains rigged model in .max format (2011 version) and a unrigged .obj file, textures in .dds, body normal map, specular maps and ambient occlusion maps are custom, rest is original

Rule 34 on Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I was actually thinking how long before digitalero gets there hands on these models once I saw this thread.