star wars the force unleashed models

ok so ive been looking for sw:tfu models and i have yet to find any so i was wondering if someone could makes some? i know theres already darth vader and emperor palpitine models but the force unleashed ones are better quality. mostly i would like the darth maul model, apprentice in his original costume, sith robe, that jedi robe, and some of the armor you get with the sith ending (forget what it was called), also dath vader, the emporer and any others ypu can think of. you dont have to make them all but some of them would be nice. also if you know of some models that are already made please post the link. thanks for the help.

Current WIP

has anything been released yet?

why don’t you check?

i didnt mean in the WIP i checked that those look like they will be kool. i meant has anyone else released models?