star wars weapons?

I see star wars models and ships ,but very few if any weapons or sweps… look through this thread i know that shotgun guy has done a couple of blasters

I don’t see any downloads for them are they SVn?

umm whats svn

check harder, its the only link at the bottom of the post. if you can’t operate the svn right. well, thats too bad

Well this place has gotten to be useless. I’ll make sure to tell my friends about this so they never come here.


I’m sure your so called “friends” wouldn’t come here. Because its for mature people. Not by their age, but common sense. If you don’t like it and my help didn’t ring a bell to you - get out.

I’m here aren’t I?

But anyway I did find some Starwars Sweps but the models are the regualar Hl2 weapons. But other then that they pretty much work like the actual weapons.

I think he was implying to his friends that haven’t joined yet. I’m sure they’ll have a blast here.

:L surly now the thread has been turned into a random convo :S

No, i’m pretty sure i know this user from another forum.