Star Wars!

-Snip got it-

Good stuff pal, always a fan of Star Wars poses.

something about the way you posed the AT-AT doesn’t feel right

You’ve improved quite a bit, but the jpeg compression is really bad and it detracts from the image. I checked the image host, and it’s facebook. What’s up with that?

Other than that, the lighting seems somewhat off. Like the lamps / light on the trooper is too bright for his environment.

Image-host wise, I uploaded it to facebook first to show my friends then linked the pictures to here because I was too flipping lazy to reupload them to photobucket.

When I get home from school today I’ll do that.

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I tried to make it look like it was wading through water.

Whoever designed that map’s physboxes was either drunk or didn’t know how to work physboxes. Stuff kept spawning underwater and not going through the world when I used the NCW tool.

Have a Mandalorian warrior.

I agree. It should look more like this:

Behold, the CAT-CAT