Staragte: Save Game Gates Not Working?

Hello everyone.

I’m a first-time poster and garry’smod noob, so forgive me for not being able to think through this correctly.

I’ve got avon’s Stargate mod installed along with a few of the SpaceBuild maps.

I can set up two Stargates in a map and set their addresses just fine. The gates work and everything.

But if I save the game and come back to it later, although it stored my gate addresses I can’t dial. I keep getting an error message: “entities\staragte_atlantis\modules/dialing.lua:45:attempt to index field ‘Sounds’ (a nil value).”

The gates won’t even begin to dial. I try to put the address in but get that error in response.

A similar thing happens when I attack a Jumper that was in the saved file with a spawned shield on it and turned on. I’ll hit the Jumper once with a drone from a freshly-spawned Jumper and the old Jumper from the previously saved file explodes and I get a similar warning for the shield (yet the shield animates like it was hit).

Could anyone at least give me possibilities as to why this is happening? And remember I’m a garry’smod noob and may need some step-by-step help to figure this out (if it’s not normal).

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps re-install stargate? I remember I used to have loads of errors, I reinstalled and it worked perfectly.

Stargates don’t work with Saves.

Make a Gate Spawn File (auto spawns Gates on a map).

Not sure if you still need to download the fix, but if so, it’s here.

The console command for making Gate Spawns is in the Read-Me file

Ask Colonel Carter about it.

McKay also works.