Starbank -- Banking Software for PCMod 1 -- Start an RP Bank!

After a week or two of work, I have now finished Starbank.

This is not specific to any gamemode and only requires PCMod 1.0.2

This program allows you to:

  • Open an account for a player
  • Keep track of how much money you are holding in their account
  • Pay them interest over a period of time defined by you
  • Loan money
  • Print Loan quotes to the printer
  • Know how much money is owed by which players
  • Become a Banker, finally in RP!

Requires PCMod 1.0.2, extract this file on top of your existing PCMod 1.0.2 so the right files are overwritten


1.2 - Fix starbank crash on player disconnect
- Fix account creation glitch (account already exists)
- Improve the fix in version 1.1

1.1 - Fix serious bank hacking exploit

1.0 - Initial Release


Accounts Screen

Loans Screen

Loan Quotes + Printing Quotes

A Printed Quote for a Player



This looks cool! Now I have a slight reason to run roleplay on my server.

WOW! Phil your amazing! If there still was lua i would give it to you!

Good work. I’ll have a go at converting to PCMod 2 sometime, if you like.

Jesus Philip! one after another, will you ever sees to amaze us?

The trick is not to announce it too far ahead… :S

That would be great if you have the time to do it - it should be quite simple to separate the UI from the business logic. If not, I’ll have a go in a while (maybe a week or 2)

Brilliant, Phil. :slight_smile:

It’s not specific to rp. :wink:

How is it not specific to RP? You can’t make a loan in Spacebuild or Sandbox…

It’s not specific to DarkRP.

Anything that uses money can be used.

Also, if you DO use DarkRP and you change the currency, the currency will appear correctly on the screens in Starbank, (that goes for any RP script that uses the global CUR variable for the currency symbol)

I hope not announcing it to far ahead goes the same for serious rp :slight_smile:

It should have been the same for SeriousRP but I was worried about people accusing me of stealing their ideas because they started to come up with the same ones by themselves. At least you know it’s on it’s way >_<

This is prety nice but i don’t believe that this will work, because the people who take loans ingame usually are not willing to pay it back.

What i would want to see is an improvement which adds verification code stamp to the printed document so that the bank can prove that they have actually loaned the amount and so if the person who took that loan wont pay back he could be banned for this.

Perhaps also log all loans to a serverside file, so it can be proved.

Thanks for the positive feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

A note though - This is exactly why I wrote the very last line on the original post.

It’s not for debt enforcement. It can’t be. It’s not within the scope of the program. The purpose of the program is not to enforce the law (and making it provable is also difficult - at least by printing a letter because anyone could make one)

This program is basically never going to enforce repayment. Why? Because that’s SeriousRP’s job. That’s when you start using props as collateral on loans and they can be reposessed. But since this is just a program, for the moment it relies on people RPing properly.

I’ve had loans paid back by people before, I recommend using money printers to have extra credit around so you don’t end up having to get bailed out. Part of the reason I made this program is to teach the 10 year old DarkRP players how the banks are absolutely and completely screwing us over by experiencing what you have the freedom to do as a banker.

SeriousRP will take it to the next level but will also bring in the controls and more law.

The banking system there will be similar to this one except the money is stored in the database rather than in cash in your wallet or on a shelf. This has implications in how money is “created” in the game above and beyond what this program does.

This program is just purely for accounting. NOT for administration or enforcing debt payment. I found no way of doing it without going way outside what I’d planned to do for this little application.

That said, I’m still open to ideas as to how to solve the problem without going outside the bounds of being a simple program for making a note of where you are and what is owed…

A bit offtopic, and probably asked before, but are you intending for SeriousRP to have pcmod1/2 support?

I didn’t plan to have specific roles for PC technicians but I might make them manufacturable items

(I’d check in lua to see if the mod is installed, if yes, a PC would requires units of plastic and metal to make the parts and then whoever wants to sell PCs in their shop can buy them from whoever has made them)

Brilliant work Phil, too bad PCMod 2 has been released now.

Thanks! It was actually announced the same day I started coding this. If I do make a PCMod 2 version I might have to cram things in and redesign the layout so I’m not sure if I will just yet. Thomas might have some ideas of how to make it work there.

I might save the effort for PDP-11 mod and SeriousRP

When you put rp on your server will it have ferraris if it does i will join it
And phil could you mąkę it where the salary is in a real amout and mąkę a time żonę so you can get paid properly and insted of 45dollers it could be like 1000 or 10000 for normal people and 100000 to 200000 for rich big bussiness owners and mayor
And everything a normal prise like money printers are 1000000 dollers insted of 1000 dollers
And a car dealer