Starbank Redux for any RP gamemode (no PCMod needed!)

Many of you liked my “Starbank” addon for PCMod - but it required PCMod 1 to work.

I have now removed this restriction and it is now possible to use “Starbank Redux” - a standalone monitor with a starbank user interface for Banker classes to use in RP gamemodes to track accounts.

Installation instructions for DarkRP are very simple.

It’s just an entity to drop into DarkRP/entities/entities, and one line to add the entity for your banker class.

  • More realistic banking now possible on your RP server!
  • Lightweight, simple addon
  • Nothing extra for clients to download - simply add to your server.
  • Compatible with most RP gamemodes with a money system.

NOTE: This is for keeping track of debtors and creditors (loans and accounts) - To enforce debt collection, let a CP you trust inspect your Bank’s PC. It’s the simplest way for now.

Sounds cool.
Unfortunately, no servers run this, so i havent tried this properly.

It used to be quite popular - people were asking for a PCMod2 version - this is even better since it doesn’t even need PCMod - just any RP gamemode.

Yeah, but i havent seen it on one single server, and i go to a lot of 'em

Alright, hosting on my server under the Banker class.
Salary for bankers is $80 as a little incentive. Only problem I found is that the icons don’t automatically download for me, but I can do that myself.
Actually I can’t because the icons are not included :saddowns:

Would be awesome if could like make a payment plan so it takes like 50$ every payday or different time intervals xD

I would love to have this on my server but then i get the feeling that people will just loan money and never pay it back, I mean you can arrest them and all but i dont think they would really care that much =(

Facepunch… it is a place where we enjoy our correct grammar and enjoy retarded smileys gone.

does this really remove money from the wallet?


Anyone know why i get this error every 30…45 sec…

entities\bank_computer\cl_init.lua:30: attempt to call method ‘DataReceived’ (a nil value)

And sometimes this:

entities\bank_computer\cl_init.lua:603: attempt to index field ‘accountsList’ (a nil value)

And is there a way to fix it ?

Best regards,
// Tedd

I got as many of the errors out as I can and it should be almost bulletproof - I wouldn’t worry too much about the one you see there - if I remember correctly, it does nothing important at the point you see the error.

No, it does not. I explained this in the OP.

Proper banking will be part of SeriousRP, this is just a loan calculator.

I would like a version of this for PCmod 2 just to give it a little bit more use.

I am getting this error every minute or so

 [@entities\bank_computer\cl_init.lua:603] Tried to use invalid object (type Panel) (Object was NULL or not of the right type)

ph:lxyz, any chance you can update this mod so that money is taken from the wallet?