Starcraft 1 Marine Rifle

[release][tab]Name[/tab]:** Starcraft 1 Marine C-14 Gauss Rifle.

[tab]Description[/tab]: C-14 Gauss Rifle is used by marines of the Great War era. The design of this rifle is based on rifle of the Brood War and belongs to Terran Dominion.

[tab]Credits[/tab]: Johny Muffin(Modelling, Texture editing), Darkan(Texturing).

[tab]Beta testers[/tab]: Elektron, Voltyara.

:siren:Hey. After long time of work, i’ve finished SC1 marine rifle, but there are also tons of work on marine rifle.:siren:

[ul]It might be changed! Updates will be posted[/ul]
[ul]In few weeks Rifle SWEP will be made[/ul]
[ul]When i finish the marine, i’ll start making other Terran models. So a lot of new to come[/ul]

** So here are the screenies:**

Maybe it’s just the textures but this looks really off to me

Ah, this brings back Starcraft memories.

Texturing was made according to it’s official view.

ahaha oh my god the horrible posing in your pictures made me laugh

nice model though

I know i suck at posing >> Got another screen made by my friend :smiley:

terran ragdoll next??

Terran marine ragdoll is next :stuck_out_tongue: yup

Do zerglings next so we can zerg rush!

what is your reference?

because, the ingame graphic always looked like some sort of minigun to me

Nice doesn’t look exactly like the one in the clip from broodwar but its nice we need the ragdoll and a zergling rag.

This could use a bit of work but other then that, nice job.

Video is not quite detailed, i can’t see black on black background

i don’t like the textures much
and the gun is supposed to be way longer and larger

  1. These are the best textures that could be used for the gun.(I’ve seen a lot of different textures, but these were the best)
  2. I scaled it to it’s size to be more like a gun, instead of big UBERLOLZOR weapon, that couldn’t be even held by ragdoll or player.