Starcraft 1 Project

                *****Starcraft 1 Terrran Marine + C14 Gauss Rifle of the Great War + Terran Units*** ***Marine itself is delayed. I'm working on other units atm. Read down the thread.**

***Starcraft Marine Marines compose the bulk of most terran front-line forces, ranging from officially government-sanctioned units and local militias to renegades and mercenaries. Koprulu Sector marines are generally equipped with powered armor suits and rapid-fire C-14 rifles. The suit provides full life-support and NBC protection, allowing marines to deploy into environments that would otherwise be inimical to human life.

***I’m fan of Starcraft. What can i do?
You can always help the project by contacting with me. My email adress is Any help will be considered.

Marine is Delayed. Other projects are under work.***

***** Current Work Done *****
[ul]Head: 60%[/ul]
[ul]Arms and Shoulders: 10%[/ul]
[ul]Hands: 0%[/ul]
[ul]Legs: 0%[/ul]
[ul]Feet: 0%[/ul]
[ul]Texturing: 15%[/ul]

[ul]The model i’m making will be a little modified, because concepts of model which i’ve are slightly different from each other.[/ul]
[ul]All updates will be shown in first post, rather how i did before(posting in new posts).[/ul]

[ul]Update 1(29.05.10)[/ul]

[ul]Update 2(1.06.10)[/ul]

As i promised, the model will come with C14 Gauss rifle.
P.S. Updated again.

[ul]Update 3(2.06.10)[/ul]

Rifle updated. Improved some visual detalisation.

[ul]Update 4(5.06.10)[/ul]

Textures applied, modified many parts.

[ul]Update 5(16.06.10)[/ul]

Scratch for Wraith. Started with designing cannons(which are the most decorated parts of Wraith). I started from them because i don’t get how cockpit is actually made.

[ul]Update 6(17.06.10)[/ul]
Improved detalisation, finished with wing cannon and wing it self. Suggest your ideas, they might me useful.

[ul]Update 7(18.06.10)[/ul]
The model is finished i guess, i didn’t decorate the cockpit much because of polygon limitage, but it still looks pretty good. I’ll texture it in few days and i hope people will like it.




Three of your links are broken.

And I can’t really tell what’s going on, all I see are tubes next to a crotch piece.

Reserved Post

Reserved Post

Theres a difference from this sc2 one:

Also this sc1 one:

Use this one as reference.

Ye thx, couldn’t find normal sc1 marine.


You think i don’t know about this videos? ^.^ Don’t worry, model will look better

Deleted: Work on SC1 Marine is continued

Only because it is easier? It does not look better than the sc1 marine.

If you start changing everything to that whats easier, you shall already start making SC1 Nuke (Simple rocket)


Well if you’re going to make any other than the SC1 marine, why not just make the SC2 marine?

SC2 marine looks too bumpy and actually it’s kinda out of the style i want my marine to have.

P.S. And by the way, i said that i propably will change work… Currently i continue to work on SC1 Marine, starcraft ghost one is delayed for a while…

Began to resculpt

well said!

Structure of terran marine chest + waist

The fuck would you quote all the images?

:smiley: Pixels are well said :X


Front SIDE

Angle SIDE