Starcraft 2 - Are your children using stimpacks?

I ripped these pretty much as soon as I got the game, but didn’t want to do anything with them until I finished the campaign. Now that I have, here’s what I’ve got so far:

Still to come:

Siege Tank

I’m starting with the simple models which won’t require faceposing, and maybe after that I’ll end up doing the main characters like Raynor, Tychus, and [sp]Nova[/sp].

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Jimesu_Evil’s Marine Pack:

Jimesu_Evil’s Zergling + Siege Tank Pack:

bubbagamer’s Marine Pack:

bubbagamer’s Hydralisk:

Holy shit, looks promising!

Did they change the hydralisk claws from the first game, from one to three? Looks kind of lame, Terrans look great though, can’t wait for the release. :slight_smile:

Have my babies.

Awesome!, I hope you can do Nova someday ^^

I do still love you.

What else did he port? I’m not going to bother porting what others already have.

How did you get the models in a T pose may i ask?

Marines, Jugling, Nova, Tikers(I dunno this spelling is right) and zimmy!

The Hydralisk looks awesome.

Eagerly awaiting it :dance:

awesome! but who ported them?


chl0407? i think i saw that name in ‘FMF’
but i can’t find model about hydra…
i think he was share the models only his friend.

Will he upload them?

That was the guy who ported the Crysis models, but I haven’t seen him since, and that was at least a year ago, so good luck finding him.

These look nice :smiley:
Have you thought about porting the cinematic models?

These are the cinematic models.

Oh well, if that other guy’s already ported them I’ve nothing else to do here.

You use 3dx Ripper? Or did you use some MPQ tools to extract the models in import them to 3ds?

MPQeditor, and an M3 model importer for 3ds.

I say port them anyway. I need something for my Warhammer 40k guys to kill, lol