Starcraft 2 Extracted Models Thread

NOTE: Raw files, these are not compatible with Gmod/CS/L4D etc. untill someone compiles them!

Welcome to the SC2 Extracted Models Thread,

basically i will try to extract as many models as possible from Starcraft 2 so that more experienced modelers may compile them and import them to the source engine.
As of right now there are only two ways to get these models into a model program; There are two .M3 Import Plugins (One for 3DS Max and one for Blender) that can view these models and edit them.
If you’re going to try and get this stuff into Gmod i recommend that you use 3DS Max since the Max plugin works better then the Blender one.

(No images of the models ATM, WiP pictures of the models in source can be found at the bottom.)


Terran Turret (Char):

Mar-Sara Bar Props:

Lasarra from HotS:

Alexei Stukov from HotS (Includes facial animations):

Kate Lockwell & Donny Vermillion:

Mercenary Units (In-Game/Non-Cinematic):


All Zerg units (From the evolution chamber, all strain-skins included.):

Swarm Host:

Arcturus Mengsk:

Zagara from HotS:

Tosh & Nova (+ Bonuses):

Sarah Kerrigan (Normal version from the beginning of HotS as well as zerg-ified version.):

Marine Pack (Includes C-14 Gauss Rifle and dominion marine portrait models for maximum headhacking capabilities.):

Jim Raynor (Includes his gun and both armor and armorless versions.):

Dahaka from HotS:

Viking (In-game, cinematic and portrait model. ):

Medivac (Cinematic model from the Hyperion hangar, includes separate interior from HotS.):

Umojan Lab (HotS, scene.):


Note: I do not take credits for any of these models, all credits goes to Blizzard Entertainment.

Assistance with compiling would be super!

Regarding the topic of requests:
I can’t force you to not make requests although if you want me to extract something please stay in reasonable limits.

Stuff (WiP projects from various people trying to get the models into Gmod.):

Dmlxo’s stuff:[/T][T][/T][T][/T][T][/T]

Civil’s stuff:


Ninja’s stuff:


LordOvermind’s stuff:


The models should already be rigged actually


I still need someone that can compile them.


If you could get some pics of the model in 3DS Max that would be great, it’d help me to know if i got all of the textures etc.

Also, updated OP with download for the bar props from Mar-Sara. I will try to update downloads frequently.

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Is blender free?


Good! Then i’ll try to get some WiP pictures ASAP.

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Updated with Lasarra.

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Updated again with Stukov.


Help is always appreciated, what’s your STEAM?


Nice, I hope you can get these rigged. Do you plan on grabbing anything else? Like the Hyperion crew and the rest of the Terran?

Indeed i am, the marines and stuff was ported a long time ago although the hyperion officers/servicemen where never ported. There’s alot of props too that could be useful.

My main focus now is to get some WiP pictures in Blender to make more people interested.

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Added Kate Lockwell and Donny Vermillion.

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Added mercenary units.

Added Abathur.

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Added lots of zerg from evolution chamber.[/T]
That son of a…


Are you going to add All 3 kerrigan variants. (4 Counting Wol).

Kerrigan before infestation (when Narud shapeshifts to her)
Kerrigan after infestation (Wol)
Kerrigan human again
Kerrigan primal.

I’m planning on doing that, yes. Won’t do much good though if noone compiles them.

Considering my shitty Ultralisk that doesn’t work in Gmod, you better add one on the list.

Will do then.

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Added Arcturus Mengsk, Zagara and Ultralisk.

Not entirely sure but I think wol infested kerigan is the same as primal to not entirely sure. The bw one is vastly diferent though. Though no model for that sadly.