StarCraft 2 Hyperion Battlecruiser

Could someone port the Hyperion Battlecruiser from StarCraft 2? I don’t want the Unit model, i want the Cutscene HQ Model of the Hyperion.

Here are some pics.

I’d say it’ll be ported when it’ll be ported.

People are porting all that hey can from Starcraft and I doubt this will be left untouched.

Got it ported for long but I fucked up the textures and there’s a hole in place of the Yamato cannon so yeah…
Won’t release it til a long time. :v:

Cool, hope it will be fixed soon so that it’ll be released.

I liked the old look of the battlecruiser better.

But the old ones are a little bland.

Fuuck, that is a big ship!!

Wow, that is huge.