StarCraft 2 in TF2?

The Marine Soldier was guarding infront of his base when suddenly he saw a Zealot scout charging him.

He just had the time to shoot a waltz that he got chopped by the scout.

The commander sucks because he couldn’t even kite the zealot.

This has got to be the worse TF2 pose ever. Of all time.

Beware the boxes are coming to this thread :ohdear:

im afraid there was one before him. visit the troll pose thread and you shall see

But aren’t they trying to be bad on PURPOSE?

No they are not on purpose, and fyi, i did that last night when i was tired and bored.

Thx for your comprehension.

If your tired, go to sleep

Don’t make gmod screenshots


Don’t do it.

No one can beat TheSniper’s work Cake.


Along with 902.