Starcraft 2's Marines + Rifle

[release]Description : Dominion and Raiders’ space marine ported to gmod.
Download :

This is a new version, with enhanced graphics, rigging and a bigger rifle. So stop reading this and download it! Thanks to Nirrti for his amazing vmt job.

Includes FingerPosing, Skingroups (dominion and Raiders) and extremely easy to pose hands. :downs:

Credits : Blizzard ; Me [Porting] ; Nirrti [Shading] ; Bloocobalt [Fixing rifle’s normal maps]
Next to come : Zerg Hydralisk and probably Matt Horner.

Following screenshots were taken with the updated version of the pack

Following screenshots were taken with the OLD version of the pack[/release]

I’m still pretty shitty at making collision models and jointconstraint but I did my best and they should be easily posable. :downs:


  "name"  "Starcraft 2 Marine and Rifle"
   "model"  "models/weenurs/marine/spacemarine.mdl"
   "model"  "models/weenurs/marinerifle/marinerifle.mdl"

this look nice, man, downloading it now

That was quick.

Hell, it’s about time.

Some people worked on these since the release, they just seem to want to keep them for private use or something, they’re certainly better than mine but I don’t really like to keep stuff for myself. I don’t see the point in it.

I love you for this.

Looks amazing! Now, what’d be nice is if they were on the Valve skeleton so they could be rigged as Combine replacements.

Uploaded an updated version with more flexible ragdoll and a bigger rifle. Also a huge quality enhancement, thanks to Nirrti!

Rifle looks a tad too small, but I can easily resize it myself.

Damn, that was fast.

Nah it’s well scaled in the updated version. Unless it’s still too small for your tastes. :downs:

Didn’t see that. Very nice.

I wasn’t keeping it for personal use, I was keeping it because I couldn’t test the damn thing.

And yay, the rifle looks right now.

Thank you!

Oh, look someone else made Starcraft models too:

Looks pretty awesome.

It seems we’ve all been outdone.

Thanks for fucking up every skin Joazzz made.

A little less sarcasm? He can easily fix that up, not end of the world here.

His textures are still here, to fix it just fucking replace them. The only thing that changed is that the visor has a different .vmt
He’s already working on fixing them anyway. I’m sorry that he has more work to do but it was necessary and they’ll look better anyway.
Lemme remind you I gave away the models before the release to a lot of people and everybody came whining saying “oh god it’s so hard to pose do something”. Now that I released a fix including an overall quality enhancement you come here and whine at me. Make up your mind men.

does the new file include the easier finger posing as well as better arm posing?