Starcraft Gamemode

I’m not mega pro orator, but i think that i might describe the idea pretty well…:

Main idea of the GM:
It’s a Team Deathmatch gamemode with RTS elements.

Classes and Teams
There are 3 teams in this gamemode:
Terrans, Zergs and Protoss.
Players start from SCV\Probe\Drone and then they can upgrade them to other units.
List of units is written in bottom of page

Spawn and Upgrading
[ul]Players start at Command center\Nexus or Hatcheries.[/ul]
[ul]If all command centres\Nexuses\Hatcheries are destroyed, team will be moved to observervers.[/ul]

To upgrade, team needs to have enough resources, from which player can withdraw resources to upgrade himself. If team has enough resources, player has to go to special building(Barracks,Factory,Startport-Terrans. Gateway,Stargate - Protoss. Hydralisk Den, Spawning Pool, Spire, Queen’s Nest, Ultralisk Lair and others - Zerg.)[/ul]

Gathering resources
To get minerals, people have to use their weapons(crowbars or may be some other weapons with custom model) and bring it to the refinery at Command Centre\Nexus\Hatchery.
To get Vespene gas, players have to build Refinery and sometimes bring minerals so it won’t shut down.

Special weapon tool must be created, with ability of opening menu with buildings. Once you have enough resources you select the building and find the place where you want it to be builded.

Ofcourse it would be pretty boring without armies…

Units can be builded from different buildings, like: Barracks, Factory, Starport, and ofcourse it’s required to have resources and supplies for them.

Starcraft units and resources

Vespene Gas
Supply depots\Pylons\Overlords



SCV(They gather minerals for you)
Marines(Basic soldiers)
Firebats(Marines with flamethrowers)
Medics(Booby girls with medkits)
Vulture(Some sort of Motorcycle with pilot. Drops mines and throws grenades.)
Siege tank(Heavy tank with ability of transforming in siege mod, where it makes a lot of damage to buildings)
Goliath(Robot with pilot inside. Very useful against heavy ground and air units.)
Wraith(Air unit, useful against any air unit)
Dropship(Special unit for transporting units and players in different places)
Battlecruiser(Should be out of gamemode due to very big sizes)
Science vessel(same as above)
Ghost(Assasin, which can infiltrate enemy bases and use his sniper rifles to take out enemies on big ranges)

Not ready yet

Not ready yet

Well, i think that it’s a base for a gamemode and i hope that someone could make it. Thanks for reading.

why not just get the game instead of trying to mimic it

Cause i’m getting held by these problems:

  1. I can’t pay people(it’s optional)
  2. I was looking for people who’d help me with Starcraft mod(i needed Coder, Texturer and 1 more modeller). Noone responded.
  3. My english is not so brilliant to lead a team, because it’s a foreign language for me which i don’t know so perfect…

Yet again… Why should we play your clone over the actual real game?

make a gamemode for starcraft and i’ll fucking murder you. I WONT LET YOU KILL A GREAT GAME.

Omfg wtf with you people. Are you mindly retarded? It’s an idea… not a request… It’s just a realization of SC in FPS… Why the f*** it would ruin the great game?.

because it’s a fact that remade games in garrysmod are all dumb pieces of shit

If you don’t like it - then don’t play it © And don’t try to ruin other people ideas because you don’t want to see it in Gmod.

I like the idea, but i think it would be a ton of work, with all the animations, coding, and models.

I’d definitely would play it if it had those cool maps like tug-o-war, the random maps (kinda like a turret defense), tank maps were pretty cool if you could get people to share resources, and even the 16 way maps were fun, and the tar-pit maps were fun especially with 3 people owning it (its an endless map tho :frowning: we played for like hours and still didn’t win).

I think you’d need a whole team to make something like this.

for you starcraft fans, Starcraft 2:
When is the game coming out?
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is scheduled to be released on July 27, 2010.


that sounds like an awesome idea i would play it but make sure you have more then 4 people so that it dosent suck

If I could get the models, I think I could have a shot at it.