Starcraft Siege Tank

Here’s a re-building of a crappy tank I posted in the ‘Help I’m a noob thread’, but I think it’s much better now. This one’s based on the Starcraft siege tank and this picture in particular:

It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty happy with how it works and hopefully I’ll get better at making things look pretty. WASD controls with a mouse aimed turret using gyroscope comparisons. The thing is made entirely of wire gates/chips and PHX, and swithes between tank mode with a couple of Gcombat 2pdr guns and siege mode with a 105mm Howitzer. You can adjust the pitch of the gun in siege mode with W and S as the treads are locked down for stability.

Criticism is welcome

Video quality is pretty crap, thank you fraps and youtube.

I’m about to drop the hammer, and dispense some indiscriminate justice.

It can’t aim up or down

Yeah, I tried but when the turret’s supported by hydraulics or on a vertical axis etc it becomes a bit wobbly. I’ve no doubt it’s doable but my excuse is that it can aim precisely in siege mode so an accurate tank-mode turret isn’t as necessary

Use WeGame. Records good quality with low lag. Sound is a little bit off for me, but i really dont care.

what’s with the chips

I like how it feels more real / I’m an electronics nerd / I’m an expression noob. I just started to test it with a few gates and felt comfortable with them.

I think it is a good start bro, keep working on it and you’ve got the right spirit to improve your building