Starcraft sound replacement

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but it seemed like a better place to post it then the other places… if there is a better place, just move it there please…

I’ve never seen a starcraft sound replacement for gmod, so I tried it out, I’ve never done it before so its a bit beta I guess, but it works. More info and download here:
Please comment and enjoy!

I had to download this, being the SC junkie that I am.

I’m probably the only positive comment you’ll get out of FP, though

Probably… but whatever. Thanks.

I am a HUGE SC fan. do you think you can extract a few sounds, chuck them into a file, and let people use them as gun sounds? I’m thinking of making the weapons that the terran have. All I have to do now is find some weapons that look like SC weapons, edit them, and away I go. Do you think you could also make some SC backgrounds, sprays, and maybe a few maps based on some SC areas (like Mar Sara, Aiur, and other planets/space stations/ships)?

Well, I’m not a good mapper (although I could try, but not any time soon)… and I suck at pictures (I don’t have any software, besides free ones).
And what do you mean by extracting a few sounds and letting people use as gun sounds?

@Map: Havn’t you made one?
@Pictures: You take a screenshot or fan art and convert it into a .vtf format and make it fit all resolution sizes.
@Sounds: You added a SC sound replacement pack. Find all SC sounds and put them into packs for people to use.

Haha, I am a Big Starcraft fan too and some time ago I have made a sound pack with Starcraft sounds too and I putted it in a svn.
It’s for the wire sound emitter and it has some other sounds too.

And a year ago I put some ground textures from Starcraft to Garry’s mod where you can use the with the materials stool.

If you are interested I will you send the download links of these addons. :wink:

Yes please. well, not the wire version of the sounds, just the sounds in a folder, also the materials.

The sounds:
There are in the sound\StarCraft folder.
There are two languages, in the voice_german folder are German units sounds and the english ones are in the voice_english folder.

It don’t need wire but it’s better you have it.

And the materials are here, but I will make new ones these are a bit out dated:
(Some one was to nice and has re-uploaded it :D)

Looks interesting.