Starcraft Terran Marine

I’m starting on project “Starcraft Terran Marine for Half-Life 2”. I’m looking for people, who might be interested in this project.
Modelling Programms:
3ds Max 2009, VTFedit, Photoshop(for those who shall work on textures).
Communication language: Russian\English.
Anyone, who is interested in that idea, add me in Steam or write on email.

Currently, i got some 3d model screenshots, some blueprints and pretty good skills in 3ds max.

Admins, move it to Models\Skins section plz. It’s not a request to make a model.

I’d love to have this skin once your done if you get this idea off the ground :smile:

It’s not skin btw :smiley: It’s model.
I’m working on it, but it’s hard to work alone, so i’m looking for anyone to help.

Up: Finished front blueprint made of blocks. Work in progress :slight_smile: