Starcraft Wraith texturing

Well i’m currently making Starcraft wraith model, but the texturing looks wrong so by opinions of others i decided to request for a skinner.
Model must have:

[ul]Black glance cockpit[/ul]
[ul]Metal must be black toned[/ul]
[ul]Terran dominion logo on bottom wing[/ul]
[ul]Terran dominion logo on end of wings[/ul]
[ul]Some red stripes[/ul]
[ul]And other textures that can be found on these screenshots:[/ul]

My model
[tab]Top view[/tab]

[tab]Bottom wing[/tab]

[tab]Wing logo[/tab]

[tab]Front view[/tab]

[tab]Flaps view[/tab]

Other references:
Model by SgtHK

Starcraft cinematics

Starcraft cinematics

Dominion logo



Change the hue of the band to match the Dominion Logo. Also if you have photoshop mess with the way the logo blends, lower the opacity or change it to overlay or hard light of some kind. Try not to increase the bevel because it shouldn’t be needed, 1-3 should be enough. Remember that these are massive air/space crafts so try to find the highest resolution textures. Good to have you on the SCS team -Deck

:slight_smile: Well i’ll try to find high res textures but i’m not sure that i can handle it to make them look perfect :expressionless:

P.S. Well i tried to make the band with same color as logo but that didn’t work that well :expressionless: This color was closiest to it.

P.S.S. According to my assumptions, bottom wing of Wraith is almost equal to height of marine(in suit ofcourse).