Stargate addon - entity just a effect?

OK, after my XP system with my garry’s mod server on it died (go figure - windows…) I decided to install linux on my server. I got everything set up right, used the linux version of srcds, and set it up exactly as it was on XP. My problem is that now whenever I try to spawn anything from avon’s stargate addon all it does is show the model, but I can walk through it as if it’s not there. All of the entities are like this. Also, when I spawn the stargate, my server spits out errors to the extent of ‘cannot find model blah/blah/chev1.mdl’ for each model on the gate; but like I said, the gate shows up fine, its that for some reason it doesn’t act like an entity

Linux is the problem. It uses case sensitive file names, which messes everything up.