Stargate Addon Pack

[release]This is my stargate addon pack
There will be more entities in the future but now there is:

SVN: -Always the newest version-

Tollana Gate:

Infinity Gate:

Destiny DHD:

Different EHs Ingame:

Planned in the Future:
Tollana Ion Cannon

me - coding
iziraider,cebt,cos - models
aVoN - Base Code

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does the sgu gate light up when activated, and the little coordinates light up aswell?

It looks like it, unless those are just lit up all the time.

It might be the texture, hen that would suck…

i don’t model. that’swhy i have to use the sgu gate model by flyboi
and that model doesn’t have the best textures

and no, they don’t light up now

dam, we need someone to stop getting pics of it off the internet, and redraw it


and the tollana gate?

Not to be a dick or something, but you got the permissions for the models/skins you didn’t make?

I got the permission of flyboi (sgu gate)and the other models are released in avon’s rev44


Please comment how you like this pack

SVN please.

SVN Link:


I modified the universe gate so it has another EH (the sgu EH) than the normal gates. what do you think of that?

Awesome :downs:

here is a pic of it:


I uploaded a video in which you can see the EHs ingame:

can i haz credits plz ?

Ps: I’m uploading as you asked a v2 of the tollona pack, if you are going to make any edits in the future let me know :slight_smile:

Pss: in your ent menu you got 2 puddle jumpers what is the difference ?

psss: can’t upload the update version of the pack just refresh after completing the upload

Wee have find a little Bug

Why does everyone have a Universe Gate but me?

Because it is neat to have one, even though it is just skinned.

Because we are awesome :smiley:

how did you get this?


don’t you have the sgu gate done by TheSniper9?