Stargate and LS3

Why can’t you power any stargate items anymore using LS3 e.g. I had a ZPM tried to link it to a node it did not work and all I got was “invalid combination” any stargate things will not work with LS3 all i get is invalid combination can any one help?

O! I am using SVN for stargate and LS3

Because Avon never updated Stargate to work with LS3, he just never got around to it, and now that Stargate Mod is pretty much abandoned it will never work with LS3.

:frowning: it worked before on LS3 but LS3 had an update and it stopped working. no fair

The problem is with RD3 not LS3 and not stargate

RD3 was also updated, and the changed the name of several of their files - which stargate checks to see if they exist or not in order to know if LS3 is there.

to fix this, go into the stargate lua shared folders and find a clause where it checks for “DEV_LINK” and change that to “RD3_DEV_LINK” or something.

The only problem is that with an update of the stargate SVN you remove any changes that you made to fix the compatibility.

That’s not a problem, that SVN won’t be updated for a looooong time. And when it will be, the update will be included.

For the record:

The official fix for this.

I found the post from the Stargate thread that has the fix for LS 3 and RD3 issues