Stargate and Spacebuild

i have two questions, how big is the stargate addon?

and… whenever i go into space i die, but not from lack of air, at the bottom of the screen a box comes up showing how much air, coolant and energy i have << energy wtf!? and when the energy runs out, i die. the only way to stop it is to use a suit dispenser, and i dont want to be running back ond forth to one all the time, can someone give me some advice?

Stargate is fairly big, no idea about the exact size. For spacebuild you need to build a ship with a life support system. This tutorial helped me out, even though it’s old.

Air is obvious as to what it does.
Coolant lowers your temperature if needed.
Energy raises it.
seeing as how it insanely cold in space your energy will drain very fast.

I KNOW WHAT LIFE SUPPORT IS! rite, i cant watch the video, and i know what coolant and air is, but whats energy got to do with it?!(dont state the obvious by saying it powers things) im using SB3 btw. and who the hell would make you run backwards and forwards to a suit dispenser for energy!!? WTF!

If you download the complete pack, it is 94MB (compressed).

Uncompressed, I think it is half a GB (really not sure though)

EDIT: Did you read this post? He explains that energy heats you up (kind of like anti-coolant).

And you aren’t meant to run to and from suit dispensers! You make a ship, head to a planet, and set up a base with a climate regulator. Suit is just so you have a bunch of air, coolant, and energy, so you can survive while you make the trip to the planet, or while you’re building

Thanks for reading my post.
I already told you that energy raises your temperature because it’s cold in space.
i also gave you a video telling you how to build a system so you don’t have to run back and forth to a dispenser. For SB3 however, It’s more complicated. id suggest starting at a Sb2 server until you get used to how everything works.

i know how to work life support 2 perfectly, and i said I CANT watch the video, and surely you can gauge that if i cant watch a video i cant start a bloody server! rite the energy bit cofused me, but why only have limited resources in space? thats what i used to like in spacebuild, making awesome ships and them testing them in space. so i will just have to survive with huge ass climate regualtors all over my ship?

It’s realistic. More than half of the stuff on a space shuttle Just keeps astronauts alive. So yes, you ahve to survive with huge ass climate regulators on your ship, just like everyone else.

okay, we didn’t know you couldn’t join servers, and if you want to make ships that need LS, just load a space map without Spacebuild turned on [if you are using SB2, don’t select it as a game mode, if you are using 3, turn it off when the map loads (the menu with disabling options is somewhere in the CAF tab)].

And you don’t need climate regulators all over your ship, you can use air and heat exchangers to get the same affect, and you can spread those out more easily.

Also, because regulators are pretty flat and straight, they aren’t that hard to hide.

Another thing you can do is, if you don’t need to walk around the ship, you can just use one of the resource tools (I forget which), and link resources directly to your your chair/pod/etc., and then, as long as you are in it, you get resources.

rite i started up and had a bit of a poke around, and i discovered heat exchangers facepalm sorry for wasting your time. hold on, regulators flat and straight? i still get the ones from SB2! the combine light and the generator sorta thing 0_0

I might be thinking of another item, but my point is, they aren’t some giant, randomly shpaed monster to takes up half a ship