STARGATE- Asgard Battle Suits

Hello, not even sure if this has been thought of yet but here I go. The Asgard battle suits! Seen in Stargate Atlantis “First Contact” And “The Lost Tribe”. These would make great player models and ragdolls for your Stargate dream pose!

Here are some pictures!

If anyone has some good ones, post them for me!

Asgard? Aren’t they those aliens that are always on their deathbed whenever O’Neil used to visit them? Like every time he got warped in you’d see Thor looking all sick and deathly saying “O’Neil, we’re all sick and dying of cancer. We need you to stop the replicators.”

When did they get so badass?

They never did, technically. Late in the series, they [sp]gave up all hope and committed mass suicide rather than prolong their own suffering[/sp].

These Pegasus-Galaxy Asgard are a renegade faction that split off from regular Asgard society ten thousand years ago. They chose to reject their code of ethics and do whatever was necessary to assure their continued survival, including acts of genocide and forbidden experiments on less-developed species.

YEap, and I would love models of those suits.

Sorry for the double post- it is one second page and I have new content to get details on the suit. This suit would make a great swep like the iron man swep. It would benefit Stargate roleplays.

Large image-


Shows off the sexy suits

Buh buh buh buhmp. Still want these babies.