Stargate Atlantis: DHD,Console and Screen

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Stargate Atlantis: DHD,Console and Screen

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] Contains three devices seen in Stargate Atlantis

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

Hello folks,
I finally finished the Atlantis DHD, the Ancient Console and revamped my Ancient screen.

[li] DHD
[li]Nice collision model
[/li][li]Some parts are glowing in the dark
[/li][li]On/off skin
[/li][li]Skins for an “animation” (see below)
[li]Nice collision model
[/li][li]Some parts are glowing in the dark
[/li][li]On/off skin
[/li][li]Skins for an “animation” (see below)
[li]Nice collision model
[/li][li]On/off skin
[/li][li]Rt function
[/li][li]Animated textures for gatedialer functionality (if coded)

Polygon counts
[li]DHD: 1066
[/li][li]Console: 1255
[/li][li]Screen: 312

[li]The screen has three placeholders materials: as_wire , as_custom1 , as_custom2
[/li][li]The glass part of all devices doesn’t show up the glass decal when hit for unknown reasons (Help!)

Some pics of the “animation”:



I recommend the skin switcher Stool for skin changing:


To me for modelling, texturing and compiling
To cebt for helping me with the textures
To coomdoom for recording the simulator videos and sending them to me for editing.

Want to use them for a project? PM me!


Looks awesome :smiley:

the console DHD doesn`t work correct?

It’s just a model. It needs to be coded in order to dial the gate.

Really well done! (As always).

well now that we have the model could someone code it?

When download

the folder materials and models, where is put? :S

Put them in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\YOUR STEAM NAME\garrysmod\garrysmod

I like this

it’s work! but… don’t apper this and more screens

and the props only apper in flap browse and don’t props


i have put it on but none of it is appering in my game at all

Click on the Browse tab in your q-menu then expand “all” followed by “micropro”, then choose between “ancient_console” “atlantisDHD” and “ancient_screen”, then spawn them. And don’t forget to download the skin switcher. Otherwise you cannot enjoy the skins.

And when can we expect that? I’m anxious to use it.

I’m a modeller not a coder.

Pity. Well, maybe aVoN can do it…

Micropro thx :wink:

Can you make the objects of atlantis? (doors, bottons, textures, ancient chair, zpm base, table and chair, drone base, etc…etc…)

And you are the best modeller :wink:

i got it lol :stuck_out_tongue:
are you going to get the atlantian dhd to work on the gates? and where can i download the skin switcher you said about before

he’s a modeller not a coder

ask a votekik or… xD

Guys, guys, holy crap. :v:

You’re flooding the poor guy with questions.

As I understand it, the entire Stargate: SG1 and Atlantis system is going to be worked out, but you must have patience. This will function eventually (probably). And yes, drones, chairs, all that stuff will probably be done, too. Just have patience. :v:

I love Stargate Atlantis, and I love this just as much, thank you for these awesome models. Now my Atlantis bases actually look Alteran! :science: