Stargate Atlantis GMOD Extras

Hai. This is a addon pack, which will add different scripted entities to your game. Below is what is being worked on at the moment. If you want to help PM me.

Working on:
Mini-Drone Launcher SWEP - Complete
Project Arcterus (I need models) - May not be in next revision
Naquadah Generator V3 (Will be adding feedback loop) - I hate arithmatic
Death Glider

aVoN - Without his code and comments on code i’d know nothing
Prefan - For helping me set up my SVN


DO NOT UPLOAD TO GMOD.ORG!! Because the chances are that garry will realease an update which will fuck all this up and i don’t want people complaining saying its not working.

YAY!!! Pictures:

Ronon, how about some pics? I don’t wanna be using an SVN from the get go before seeing this in a pic/movie…also what the hell are you talking about? A ModelClipping event horizon, what is that supposed to be?

ModelClipping - as in, it will cut your models as they hit the event horizon until they are completely through, and then to the same as they come out the other gate. (That’s how Zeik’s worked)

Hasn’t that been attempted and failed on? Portal did it, but I don’t think GMod can support that kind of code :S.

Apparently not, Zeik’s code (which this is an exact copy and paste of, I’m sure) perfectly cut everything until it was consumed completely. I never got that object to spit out of another gate though.

This code and Zeik’s are defiantly the same though. I put them side by side, a ‘Zeik’ gate and a ‘Ronon’ gate. Failure, no differences, same problem.

I don’t think we need another stargate pack of sorts.

I believe in Portal they created a second prop.

The its current state, it only “consumes” the object, it doesn’t transport it or anything line that. JDM did have a go and is getting there.

Oh, okay. Thanks. Didn’t know that, wasting too much time throwing props into the gate then.

The game Portal? Because that portal gun isn’t made with lua but with another programing language that allows for clipping and other things. I remeberer garry saying he can’t just copy paste it in gmod because of this and redoing it would be a coding nightmare.

I totally agree. We have too much “stargate sub addons” right now.

I should initiate a “stargate-pure” addon, which does contain only and really only the gates + rings and a “stargate-extra” addon containing all the rest starting from weapons to ZPM and future addons such as this here.

@aVoN if you want to add them go ahead but i wouldn’t right now.

@ Everyone
It’s Zeiks code for the model clipping but im trying to code it to work with aVoN’s gates. Also which i’ve added is my RP gamemode which i use for my server. AtlantisRP! You can be either a SGA Team Member, Wraith, Genii or Asuran.

If you read you would see that i said that it was Zeiks code just im starting to get it to work with aVoN’s gates. I asked Zeik and he said it was fine.



Pics look nice, but it would be nice if you could get it to fly out another gate, I suppose you could use the portal code LuaBanana and his team are working on, it comes with clipping along with teleporting. I guess you couldn’t use the collision box to determine where it should teleport though? Make the portal a box, then if the whole prop is inside that box, it’s warped.

yeah. The way im doing at the moment is very hacky which i dont like very much

I don’t have a drawing program at hand right now so I’ll have to tell you it. Say you’ve got the stargate, it’s a flat portal right? Why not turn it’s collision into a cube, and absorb the prop into the portal. When it’s all the way in, the cube registers something is inside it, so it warps it to the designated stargate, sort of like how an area portal works, just more warping :P.

I never said anything about Lua, I was merely refering to their version of doing what seems to be a similar process.

That might be fine if the creator of this SVN actually updated it often and didn’t have a bias opinion of what should be on it.

hint hint

Don’t make this a we want Rev. 45 thread it’ll be out when its ready


this doesnt work for me,i get this
entities/stargate_modelclipping/cl_init.lua:17: attempt to call global ‘Plane’ (a nil value)