Stargate Atlantis Player models

Hello !
I’m looking for Stargate Atlantis Player models !
I want’s some player models like that :
With those jackets :
If it’s possible, can I have 2 Women and 2 Men in each uniforms ?
But in Gmod 13, they don’t work for the Player, just for NPCs…
So i would like real player models, can someone do them ? :slight_smile:

Thank’s !


Well, in the description it says that it will replace the normal HL2 citizens. Did you double-check if they replaced them?

(If not, find someone to hex them for you and i can do a quick playermodel code for you.)

Yes i did it, but when i’m in game, i’m opening my Context menu and in Player Models, they’re not remplaced but when i’m spawning NPC’s (Citizens) they are remplaced ! :confused:

That’s wierd, i tell you what; If you can get someone to hex them for you (Without screwing with the animations.) i’ll make a playermodel code for you, it should work since they’re only reskinned and don’t have any major model changes.

Yes but i must to find this person :confused:

i’v managed to get those skins hexed and working on gmod 13 as player models[/t]

you can download them from here


those textures are horrifying

I love you boy ! Thitest (the creator of those skins) is going to do some better skins :slight_smile:
And, where do we install them ?