stargate badguys (npcs and playermodels)

jaffa, (different faces under the same npc like citizens), friendly jaffa woul be good also.

horus guards (bird),serpent and jackal guards, some skins would also be nice

(these npcs would obviously need some nice anims, and be able to use staff weps and zats)

ori guards (with more than one model as some have slightly different Armour)

wraith drones

normal wraith (multiple models)

(wraith should be able to leech and use regular weapons )

what would also be nice is

kull (Anubis’s black armored guys,possibly with a white version)

some random npcs
replicators (there is supposed to be a mod for this but it appears not to work,or i am doin something wrong, probably the later)
the slugs of the “time” episode of sgu


what i would absolutely love (vehicles but anyway)

flyable death glider+x302s, possibly with npcs controlling them

an improvement over catdeamons wraith dart (use his if he gives permission)

an alkesh/ cruiser

other strange flyable star gate stuff

don’t use the css animations, or anything that require css except for possibly the hand models if sweps are made, dont use wire mod or anything similar (avons stargate pack is fine,and it would be great if they where merged, it would be nice if these arent under a seperate header so people dont have 5 different stargate folders)