Stargate Carter Addon Pack

[h2]About The Addon:[/h2]
Carter Addon Pack is a Garry’s Mod Addon, with all kinds of stargate items like: weapons, gates, ships, models, tools and more. Its still in progress and we are doing our best to make it look good. It contains over +50 great sent’s, tools and models which takes more than 4GB of svn data (2GB on HDD).

aVoN Stargate Pack is NO NEEDED to use CAP!!!
Stargate Group System is INCLUDED in CAP!!!

[release][h2]You’ll find in this pack:[/h2]
– AG-3 satellites
– Ancient Obelisk
– Ancient Rings & Panel
– Anti-Priori Device
– Apple Core
– Artifacts
– Arthur’s Mantle
– Asgard Beam Weapon
– Ashen Defense System
– Asuran Gate Weapon
– Asuran satellite
– Asuran SWEP
– Atlantis Button
– Atlantis DHD
– Atlantis Console STOOL
– Aurora (REMOVED!)
– BC-304 Daedalus
– BlackHole
– CFD - Call Forwarding Device
– Concept DHD
– Control Chair
– Dakara Weapon
– Death Glider
– Destiny Console compatible with wire, gates and Kino
– Destiny Shuttle
– Destiny timer
– Destiny turret
– Doors and doors Controllers
– Drones Launcher
– Directional Nuke
– F-302
– Floor Chevron
– Gate Glider
– Gate Overloader & pedestal
– Gate Weapon
– GDO and Iris Computer
– Goauld Rings & Panel
– Goauld Energy Iris
– Gravity Controller
– Goa’uld/Lucian Bomb
– Ha’tak (REMOVED!)
– Horizon
– Infinity Gates and DHD
– Jamming Device
– Janus & Shield Doors
– KINO Dispenser
– Lantean Holo
– M.A.L.P
– Main Destiny Weapon
– Medium Destiny turret
– MiniDrone Platform
– Midway Station Model
– Molecular Construction Device (MCD)
– Movie Stargates
– Naquada Bomb
– Naquada Generators Mark1&2
– New Puddle Jumper + Remote Controller
– Ori Beam Weapon
– Ori ProriPlayer Model and NPC
– Ori Rings & Panel
– Ori Satellite
– Ori Staff Weapon
– Orlin Gates + ramp
– Personal Shield
– Puddle Jumper + Remote Controller
– Ramps (animated and static)
– Ring Ramps
– Runways, hangars and much more SG related buildings
– SGC Ramp
– Shield Core
– Ship DHD
– Ship Hangar
– Ship Rail gun
– Sodan Obelisk
– Stargate Doors
– SGV - Stargate Virus
– Static and Animated Ramps Stool
– Stationary Rail gun
– Stationary Staff Weapon
– Supergate
– Telchak Healing Device
– Tel’tac
– Tempered ZPM
– Tollana Gates and DHD
– Tollana Ion Cannon
– Tollana Weapon Disabler
– Toon DHD
– Universe Gates and DHD
– Wraith Dart
– Wraith Soldier Player Model and NPC
– ZPM hub

[h2]Work In Progress:[/h2]
– Fixes, glitches and bugs repairing

[release][h2]Servers that are hosting CAP:[/h2]
– - New server by BlackMac, requires SBEP Models only, SB3 Models only and Environments (On Workshop). FastDL|Location UK|Very Stable Dedicated Host
– - SGVE Server #1 - Space Combat, Stargate, Wire, Cap, SG-groups
– - SGVE Server #2 - Build, Stargate, Wire, Cap, SG-groups
– - Alex Server, Stargate, CAP, SGGroups, SpaceBuild, SBEP, SGMod, Wire and more - Sandbox Build
– - [TSCM] Stargate, CAP, SG-Groups, SBEP - Sandbox Build.
– -[SG1 HQ] CAP, SG-Groups, SBEP, LS&RD3 - SpaceBuild 3.
– - UA-IX (RUS) Mijyuoon’s Gmod Stargate Server

Probably offline servers:, - Rush’s Stargate Server (LS3, RD3, CAP, SBEP)
– - Creeps Build Server (UK)
– - -<W.U.W>- Spacebuild [HUN]
– - Gmod server by Lesh |Build|Wire|Stargate|Jumper
– - uPz^ Mix Server

List of servers[/release]

[release][h2]Credits - direct help:[/h2]
– AlexAlx - Much of code for Group System, Fixes, Map
– Art Of War - P90 Code, Wraith Weapons Code
– Assassin21 - Code, Models
– Blazemann - Code
– Boba Fett - Texturing, Shaders, Modeling, Uv-mapping, (V)GUI, Site Administrating
– fdinasty - VGUI “Concept HUDS, SGA Glyphs”
– Iziraider - Models
– Llapp - Code, SFX, Site Administrating
– Locutus_1 - Sounds
– Lotus006 - Keeping Cap Running
– Madman07 - Code, Models, Uv-mapping
– MarkJaw - Modeling, Uv-mapping, Texturing
– Pac_187 - Texture Help/Base Textures
– ProgSys - Texture, Models
– RononDex - Code “Ships and Modelclipping”
– Zsigmond.daniel - Universe Event Horizon, Models
– THE DOCTOR - Illustrator Detail, Supergate EH
– Tiny - Models, Textures

[h2]Credits - indirect help:[/h2]

– aVoN - base codes of DHD, gates, ring panels, vehicles, bullets, tracers and much more
– BlackJack - help in fp thread
– BlackMac - help in fp thread
– Brophis - event horizon close texture
– Catdaemon - Base code for transport Rings and their Panels and wraith harvester
– Cebt - Tollana Gates, Power Node
– Col Sheppard - sounds
– Dav0r - first Stargate models
– DrFattyJr - Overloader, asuran beam, dakara, naquada bomb, ori cannon, personal shield and more code.
– Flyboi - help in fp thread
– Ice D Angel - help in fp thread
– Itbankrock - P90 World Model
– Jeremy - help in fp thread
– jdm12989 - original ZPM SENT
– JinTo - Custom Physic Library, inspired aVon with his gmod9 stargate
– KillerRabbit - first Stargate models
– LEETNOOB - NightVision for kino
– Lexi - Janus and Shield Doors Code
– madjawa - making out a world model out of the Zatniktel view model
– micropro - ancient shield generator device, first Stargate models
– miriam - made a worldmodel out of the handdevice, first Stargate models
– PyroSpirit - Overloader, asuran beam, dakara, naquada bomb, ori cannon, personal shield and more code.
– René (Stargate Fan) - sounds
– Roltzy - sodan-cloaking-device worldmodel
– RononDex - base codes of DHD, gates, ring panels, vehicles, bullets, tracers and much more
– Rothon - original GDO code
– StargateTC: Legacy Team - Zatniktel Model
– Stargate: The Last Stand Team - Hand Device Model (Vertical Game Studios)
– Strelok - P90 Sounds
– Shanjaq - help in fp thread
– Trekkie0 - help in fp thread
– WeltEnSTurm - Gravity Controller
– Zup - original gates modelZup - original gates model

– garrysmod,lua,goldwave,virtualdub,photoshop,Audacity,wawozaur,fraps,Source SDK,gmax,guistudiomdl,cannonfodders mdltosmd, 3ds Max, GuiStudio and of course my beloved Notepad++[/release]

[release][h2]Troubleshooting and Installation:[/h2]
Follow this tutorial How To Install Cap.

If you encounter any problems perform the following steps:

– Be sure to have correctly installed Carter Pack - move cap and cap_resources folder into addons folder of your GMod.
– Be sure to have correctly installed WireMod .
– Read the thread carefully, latest post and first post. If something isn’t working, it will be mentioned there.
– Delete all stargate related folders in your Addons folder in your Gmod directory. Make sure all SVN revision files are removed as well.
– Reinstall Avon’s stargate pack and the other stargate packs from SVN, then reinstall the Carter Pack. If the problem continues, read on.
– Remove any recently installed addons, then add them in one by one, checking after each installation to see if the problem returns. If the problem continues, read on.
– Remove all addons. Remove Gmod. Reinstall Gmod. Start from scratch.
– Ask here, why it’s not working.

[h2]Official Download, Forum, Wiki and License:[/h2]

One SVN link, if you prefer to keep CAP somewhere on HDD:

or double SVN link, if you prefer to keep CAP withing addon folder:


Carter’s Addon Pack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.[/release]

Well, finally a new thread.
Just because of this unneeded post limits :wink:

I hope CAP will be ported to gmod 13 when he out or at least a last update compatibility :slight_smile:

For the team (i know Madman know) I changed my nick , my nick was lotus for who remember me :slight_smile:

To Madman07 : nice starting thread :smiley:

Ok i got a problem. so i installed CAP and when i start a single or multiplayer game the gate dissapears when the game starts and it dose not allow me to spawn anything related to the CAP. I have completly removed GMOD and reinstalled i have re downloaded CAP and wire mod i have tryed playing it with only CAP and wire mod in my addons and nothing seems to work. Anyone know how to fix this???

I have just realised that the CAP also breaks all of my other addons. When i have CAP in my addons i can not spawn any entities or use any weapons and i can not use any tools other than the default GMOD tools.

The new thread is finally up! :smiley:

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…
…it’s Captain Obvious coming to the rescue…

the SVN link is broken

Works fine to me.

Don’t copy it. Click it.

You’re broken.

It’s an project I started few months ago and suspended because of opinion of few people. Realistic F302 with stering only with WSAD + Arrow keys, no mouse at all, just like in Battlefield 2. But someone said it won’t be fancy as mouse stering is easy so it’s no longer under developing. I felt like I should share it with you guys.

Looks pretty good!

Looks like the hud i’ve made came quite good out, good concept madman :slight_smile:

Well it’s not exacly a jet hud, but I think it better fit stargate style. It would just need compas and target locking (that was damn hard and I had no idea how to do that) + a bit better flight physic, like random wind turbulences etc.

do all of the animated ramps work on macs now because the last version of this i could not get all of them only the SGC ramp

Idk we don’t support mac as we don’t got a mac to test it on.

ok but CAP does work because I am using it thank you any ways

Group Addon for Cap fixes some parts for mac bugs but idk what it all does as I don’t use it.

I can test on mac no problem :smiley:

Thank you very much let me know