stargate deathglider/f 302s (possibly a dart)

you will probibly have to have watched at least one stargate sg1 episode to know what i am talking about

someone will have to make a decent model of these thats about the correct size, they need bump maps too

but anyway, they both function the same aside from a different models and sounds, they both need to be driveable by players and possibly by npcs, they both need the forwarding dual cannon and they need animations

they also need to not require wiremod or be downloaded by svn

there is already a dart that doesnt need wire, but the texture is wrong, there is no gun, the culling beam is terrible, the sounds are poor and the red bit doesnt glow, dont get me wrong its still great but it definably needs improving. a dart is not high on the priority list

There is a working, flyable F-302 in one of the stargate packs, but as a small newsflash, pretty much every mod uses SVN these days, so I hope the requirement of not needing SVN is something for keeping out clutter, rather than you not being assed to learn about this download method that is crucial to the GMod community.

As for which stargate pack, I think its the addon itself (i.e. the one that has the working stargates). If not, its SG-Mod (which includes a bunch of SG-1 npcs).

For a vehicle to be flown by an NPC, the discussed easiest way to do this would be to code one in such a way that it uses the same code as the combine helicopter. That’s the best you can hope for without coding new AI.

why svn when there could be something easier?

What’s easier than right click > update? That is literally all you have to do. Unless you find clicking through pages of posts looking for the latest version easier than convenience!

The Mckays pack has one, Not sure if its public or beta though.