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New thread:


Hello Cartman, Nice idea, although,,52.0.html, Idea already used. I recon thougth that this is dead as they haven’t posted in it for a while.

Firstly, Asuran should be in evil faction as they are the pegasus replicators. Secondly, you could replace Asurans with tok’ra or ancients. Add something like wraith for evil side, and replicators (from replicator mod).

Replace goa’uld scientist with goal’d assassin like the one that assassinated jolinar.

If you need more ideas for different calassess just ask me.

Looks great otherwise.


P.S. btw, its serpent guard not snake guard lol.

I could add wraith but i have no weapons for them :confused:

Replicators, Goa’uld Assasin, Asuran changes, Tok’ra and Ancients will be added.

Will be updated tomorrow.

when you said asuran as the GOOD i assume you really meant Alteran, the original name of the Ancients

Yeah the Asurans should not be under GOOD due to them killing the people of other worlds just to try and get rid of the wraith.

Instead of spawnpoints, you have a SGC spawnpoint with an open stargate and a goa’uld ship w/ stargate like SGTLS

Instead of 2 stargates that never close going to the same planet, you make it so one one team’s Stargate can be active at once (only 1 stargate on the planet) so you might need to wait to get to the battlefield while the enemy does
a Tau’ri scientist/ Goa’uld scientist could be the ones who dial the gate so the team to get thru, the time limit for being open should be 5 minutes (i dont think people would like to wait 38 minutes to use the gate)

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CAP has viewmodles for wraith (hands and weapons) if your good at modeling and scripting you could finish the weapons and make an addon for cap

This is just a test map i made, basically an playable map should look slike rp_Stargate_v2 only with 2 spawnpoints. So no “gate too long active” scenario.

I will add a third faction, the replicators. With 3 classes; human shape replicators, the “normal” ones (3rd person, melee attack… like the replicator pill) and the Asuran, the difference between 1st and 3rd will be the equipment. Current Asurans will be renamed to Ancients (lol i am confusing Alterans and Asurans… xD).

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Test server will be running 24 hours from 0:00 AM on 7/6/2012

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Goa’uld/Tau’ri scientist are dialing the gate for the team on other worlds with no DHD.
And the stargate has autoclose, so no worries about 38 minutes open gate.

Lol, asurans are the same as human replicators, just a different race of them.

Yup, i know. I will add them both only with different weapons and models.

if you read the post, he said “the difference between 1st and 3rd will be the equipment”

The screenshots look brilliant and absolutely epic, love it.

Well done cartman


nice, i’ll try this

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is there a way to change from bug rep. to human rep. and to change factions?

Yes, there is. Press F1

Is there any servers running this? or do you plan to make one?

Currently there are no servers running this, i am trying right now to make one.

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New TODO list:

  • Add objectives, like Capture the Zero Point Module

Give me ideas.

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Test server address

NOTE: The server is currently not working because it does not accept other clients that are not LAN.
idk sv_lan is set to 0

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