Stargate Deathmach (Stargate DM)

This is a team deathmatch Stargate themed gamemode. There are factions/teams with classes, each class is special, different weapons, different health, speed…


For more go to my screenshots on steam! :smiley:


  • Carter’s addon pack - Because of everything
  • SGMod 0.9 - Because of the models mainly

How you can help:

  • By giving ideas for classes, weapons the class has, model of the class…
  • By making models (Not really making models but i need good player models)
  • By making SWeps (Required)
  • By making maps (Required)

Maps info:

  • The map name must start with sgdm_* or sg_*
  • The map must have spawnpoints for terrorists and counter terrorists (from counter strike, GOOD spawns on counter terrorist spawnpoints, EVIL spawns on terrorist spawnpoints and REPLICATORS spawn on info_player_deathmach spawnpoint, please do not include textures/models from CSS (Other than HL2 or TF2) or if you do use them
    you must pack them in the .bsp!!)
  • The map may or may not be stargate themed
  • If the map is stargate themed the map must have gatespawner


  • Objectives
  • More classes
  • Balance classes
  • Maps
  • Fix models
  • Fix Bug-form replicator
  • More weapons
  • some minor fixing…

If you see any bug please report here.

NOTE: The download will be always available, no matter what:

Oh cool I could SIMPLY swear I’ve seen that HUD before.

Yeah, it’s from
the user allows to use it in your gamemodes/stuff

how do i change factions or classes?

You press F1 in game, this opens a menu for vote, team/faction and class changing.

k thanks

Note: The developement of this gamemode has not stopped, it is only on hold until friday because i have
exams in school (this is the final week, yay!) and i am rewatching Stargate SG1 (i am on 9th season now [yup, i am hardcore rewatching, no pauses!])

I remember when I watched all of them in a week or so. Anyways, good luck this I think it will be quite fun when it’s finished.

did you go into the console and type sv_lan 0? or did you just type sv_lan and it said it was 0?

(if you did the 2nd one, you have to set the lan to 0 manually)
(if this is using srcds put the two commands below this in the server.cfg)

“sv_region” “255” // Use for server list filtering: eastcoast: 0 - westcoast: 1 - south america: 2 - europe: 3 - asia: 4 - australia: 5 - middle east: 6 - africa: 7 - world: 255
“sv_lan” “0” // Lan only (1) or Public (0)