Stargate Event Horizon skin

Sup guis, was browsing the internet and came across these videos for the new Stargate: Universe show coming this fall.
so if anyone could rip the event horizon from the video(s) and put them up that would be great. These look a lot better than the current so this may be included in the Stargate Pack itself. If you guys need anything (like a recorded movie of the horizon) or more reference for filling in tidbits and things, just ask me or in the Stargate thread.

don’t know if this is to your liking, but I grabbed a couple snaps of the event horizon in the jace hall show or whatever video it was, and edited them a bit, and saved them in vtf format…
so here they are!

on -my- computer, the path to these files is:
Program Files\Steam\steamapps\mysteamname\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\stargate_resources\materials\Zup\Stargate
however, if you didn’t leave the SVN default name, yours will be different, and obviously replace mysteamname with your steam name…
anyway, just replace the files with the ones in the zip and voila!


Thanks! lemme test this out

no probs! lemme know what you think!