stargate extra crap

need a tripple barreled shotgun

a geni pistol

these wraith weapons

ori weapon (stunner is being worked on)

a better f 302

gu ald death glider

improved jaffa (ones in sg mod are bad) (multiple models in 2 npcs if your going to a do that) (rebel and normal)

anubis drone (kull) (use his wrist as a v model- if you can animate he fires bolts from his wrist and melees )
wraith warrior
normal wraith (put a few different faces in)

some of these models exist but are crap, i dont care if they are coded il beg someone else to do it. the ragdols would look great as player models tho!, they all need a decent skin and bumpmaps (i love bumpmaps)

if people make enough i might try and get a pack or persuade avon to put them in his pack, if so i will credit people everyone !