Stargate Extras Continuation

Stargate Extras - Includes
[li] Stargate Overloader - Overload gates.
[/li][li] Dakara SuperWeapon.
[/li][li] Naquadah Bomb.
[/li][li] Ori Beam Cannon.
[/li][li] AG3 Satellite.
[/li][li] Personal Shield.


The people who originally made Stargate Extras - 99%
Me - 1%

Ummm, Stargate Extras is now a part of CAP.

Don’t see a point in making a new thread that is old and been implanted and improved by CAP.

  • giving you 1% credit is unfair as you actually did nothing than just make a thread, and that can do everyone…

CAP is a fail whale to be perfectly honest.

And this isn’t?

Lol the content of this got serious improved in cap and i think everyone would agree on this.

Yes, that large scale, constantly updated project is just a complete and utter waste of bandwidth, not like your completely meaningless repost of a handful of the files.

If you like Lua error then CAP is the best! Otherwise not.

I almost never get Lua errors from CAP. You can’t complain about the coding until you actually do something presentable; all you did here is re-upload the old SGE.

If you bothered to take a closer look you’d notice a difference. Till then stop complaining.

You only do that bcs we from cap weren’t interested in you?
It seems like that

Very Minimal. My dog could do what you’ve done.

Go insult me I don’t care. You’re only proving how stupid you are.

I’m not insulting you. If you see that as an insult you’re the stupid one. (And yes that was an insult)

lol you say cap fails though you have avatar of it, lol look who fails now…

You have clearly made yourself look a fool with this thread… I would advise that you discontinue all communication on the matter before you make it worse. As an additional tip, refuse to call a large, active, impressive project a “fail” while you only have a useless thread on your side.

^This /Thread