Stargate Extras

Hello everyone and welcome back, this mod has been dormant for several months (so have i) and upon returning to facepunch after a long winter i discovered that the old thread had become locked. So on behalf on Pyrospirit and myself i welcome you back to the new and improved:


Now for those of you who are new, the stargate extras started out over 2 years ago by Pyrospirit when he created the Stargate Overloader, i soon joined the project no long after, writing most of the effects and the occasional sent. Pyrospirit still remains the brains behind the project and the chief contributer to the project.

What you lucky people can find:
*Stargate Overloader, Asuran Satellite weapon hybrid
*Naquadah Bomb
*Ori Beam Weapon
*Dakara Superweapon
*Personal Shield
*AG-3 Satelite

What you lucky people can expect to find in the near future:
*Adaptive shielding
*Much, Much more (As stargate comes up with it)

Stargate Overloader, Asuran Satellite Weapon
This is a combination of both the Stargate Overloader and the Asuran satellite weapon. Place in front of a stargate, crank it up and profit. It fires large amounts of energy into the stargate that builds up in the receiving gate till the point where it explodes, it’s double feature is to fire a powerful laser through the receiving gate.

Ori Beam Weapon
As seen on tv, it fires the powerful main weapon of the Ori battleships and when combined with a damage mod such as Gcombat or CDS, can devastate an enemy ship or base. Although be careful it gives off large amounts of heat and without sufficient shielding and cooling can damage your own ship.

Naquadah Bomb
Also as seen on tv, a powerful explosion reminiscent of Tetabonita’s Nuke but prettier to look at and several new features. The bomb can be set with a detonation code, so no one else can set it off. It produces a large main explosion with 2 particles rings that vaporize everything in there path. This bomb has the added bonus of being able to be blocked by powerful shields.

Dakra Superweapon
Just incase you weren’t sick of it yet, this is also as seen on tv. A powerful field of energy that propagates through empty space and stargates which can be programed to vaporize specific entities or just everything. Although friendly fire is very much possible.

Personal Shield
A small device warn around the arm, provides the wearer with a protective field from just about everything including fall damage, although become unstable when not at full power and will drain quickly, typically provides the user with the ability to withstand 10x the normal damage and recharges quickly when turned off.

AG-3 Satellite
As seen in the alternate reality where Dr. Daniel Jackson takes over the world. Spawn 5 and hook them up to enough juice and they well track targets through wire inputs and destroy them (Code is still mainly in beta stages so expect bugs).

Adaptive Shielding
Ever created a ship or a base that fits awkwardly inside a spherical shield???
Well now your prays are answered with Adaptive Shielding. When turned on it takes a few seconds to calculate the shape and then generates a shield (code from aVoN as it’s a derived sent), that fits like a glove. This code however is very much in it’s alpha stages and wont be finished for some weeks but you’ve been waiting 7 months for it so what’s another couple of weeks.

I now have enough spare time to work through all the bugs that remain with this mod and re-write some of the more outdated effects, and as promised finish the adaptive shielding i got people excited about 7 months ago. So tune in over the next couple of the weeks and i’ll be updating the mod.




SVN checkout:

Cool, but, what are adaptive shields :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the Dakara weapon translating through the gate!

Woops left that part out, updated it now.


I just realized that radiation should probably translate through the gate from the nuke, that being said gates are generally destroyed by it…

OMG We need adaptive shields NOW, for this map:

Can you make an Asgard Beam?

Shoot too many times with the ori beam cannon and it overheats.
Thanks for the all in one pack.

glad to see a new thread.

I’ve been wanting adaptive shielding for a looong time. Glad to see someone working on it

Why that one? I don’t see anything particularly special about it that would benefit from it?


From what i remember they’re just a white laser? Pretty sure someone has already made a laser sent?

You could just modify the ori beam cannon with a different sound and effect, maybe make it a bit faster traveling too but that would do the trick.

Good to see you back alive mate :3

Because its an awesome atlantis spacebuild map in the make, which doesnt have a good shield yet.

I think the McKay pack was working on it…not sure.

yeah, McKay Pack is working on one. or is going to. (not sure if they started yet)

Zman said somewhere he is only fixing minor bugs but that is it.

Just a poll, before i upload most of the fixes, do people want me to change the overloader effect, it’s fairly far gone from the show, perhaps similar to that of the out beam is now only blue?


Also i think the beam does too much damage to the shield.

And yes, it does too much damage to the shield.

Yes, the beam does to much damage to the shield.

the asgard beam was more like a scalpel beam, you give it a a cooridnate to fire at and it slices down. I propose the beam fires, and you give it a spread either preset or a wire input

Hmmmm… Looking through the files i saw one called Hyperspace… what does that do?