Stargate GDO

Stargate GDO
Don’t upload SVN versions to, mkay?

I will not update the version on very often, so the SVN will most likely have MANY more features.

A GDO (Garage Door Opener) and an Iris Computer for aVoN’s stargates.


Right clicking opens up a box to type the iris code you want to send. It will automatically find the closest gate, and if it’s active, it’ll send its stored code through to the gate on the other end. This will NOT set the iris code on the gate; you’ll need to use the Iris Computer for that.

Iris Computer:
Spawn it near the gate, go up to it, and hit use. Set the iris code, and whether or not you want to make the iris automatically close for an incoming wormhole. If you have wire, you can have it not automatically open when a correct code is received.

With the new gates, you have to spawn the iris separately from the stargate itself.

Wire Inputs:
Iris Control - Same as the Stargate’s.

Wire Outputs:
Incoming Wormhole - 1 if there’s an incoming wormhole, 0 if not
Code Status - 0 for no code, 1 for correct code, 2 for incorrect code
Gate Active - 1 if the gate’s active, 0 if not
Received Code - Outputs the iris code the computer received, resets to 0

Stargate Mod -

StargateTC: Legacy team for the GDO model
Bunniekiller for taking the initiative to get that model
meeces2911 for the spawnlist icons
aVoN for the gates

Cool, i’ll download this in some hours :).


Downloading now!

Looks great. Good work.


Looks good!

Wow, This is so much easier than the iris stool!

Can’t wait for the new model.

Argh, why does everything need wire these days? I’m not going to install a buggy and unstable mod just to use things like this.

It was looking good until you said “wire constant value chip”. :frowning:

What about those who do not understand wire that much?

Maybe you should make a device that you can attach to the gate that will recieve the code from the GDO.

Just a thought…

I fully agree!

All you have to do is make a constant value with your code on the gate that will have the iris closed and wire Iris Set (or whatever it is) to the constant value. It is NOT hard at all.

This has nothing to do with setting the code, Just transmitting a code through the gate.

I advise all of you who think that is hard to wire a constant value chip to the stargate to go watch some wire tutorials on basic wire.

That is not the point. To install wire just for this is pointless. If it’s so simple why can’t it work without wire?

Nice job Rothon.

Guys, give him a break. Seriously, why are you blaming him for using the stargate the way it is already coded. If you want to blame anyone for the iris code being wired in blame aVoN. Yes he could make an entity or something to set the iris code, but if you want that then ask for it nicely. Don’t go yelling at him because he uses the existing iris code.

To set the iris code on the other gate probably?

You’d be surprised at what you can do which doesn’t require wire. I already have a GUI which can control every stargate on the map (without cheats, and no you can’t have it), so I’m sure something far simpler is easy to do.

I’ll look into making a box or something you can put next to the gate to set the code, but I’m not sure if it’ll still work. I think that if wire isn’t installed, the functions to manage iris codes aren’t even run in the stargate mod.


It looks like I’ll be able to do it. You’ll be able to spawn a gate controll entity. If you use it, a screen will pop up where you can set the iris code, and if you want it to autoclose for an incoming wormhole. It should hopefully be done late tonight, if not tomorrow.

Just make sure you can’t hijack other gates from this.

Because aVoN didn’t code it that way. If he wanted to include an option to set the Iris code I think he would have by now so talk to him about that.

Handy and cool lua king for you :wink:

Sorry but how dare you say blame Avon? He coded the gates for god sake!

Would it not make sense to base it on how the DHD was coded?

It operates to the closest gate?

I didn’t blame him for anything. In my opinion if people think it is hard to wire one simple thing to a constant value that pisses me off and lets just say don’t every come on my server. I’m done with this conversation.

But there is a way to do it with our wire, it just mean’s the author need’s to do some more work and improve.