Stargate ( Kawoosh ) Issue

well like the title says i have a small or maybe big issue with my stargate systems

it worked perfectly till about a month ago i figured it was just a update glitch and CAP will fix it when the time call for it but i still have the problem

now the problem is … the unstable vortex DOESNT SHOW UP !!! i dial in any manor and nothing … beside that all gate functions work right… i can walk threw… send things threw with model clicking yada yada yada im not naming everything :stuck_out_tongue:

heres some pics to show u what i mean … they were shot just when the gate opens when the kawosh should be there

Any help or suggestions are welcome …
o specs for my computer r

4.5 gigs of DDR2 ram 1 GB graphics card
500GB Hard drive
windows 7 home basic ( I think )

anything else ask for it