Stargate Lantian Battle Cruiser Model NEEDED!

Hello, I want a model made of the Lantian Battle Cruiser from the SGA TV series. I can only get four (4) pictures of it, the top and bottom with sides and front, along with the back. I hope that this will be useful. Here are the images: (Back) (Bottom/side/front) (front close) (Top/side/front)


I found out that it is the Aurora class ship. Might be soem help. I havet he wiki on it here:
Hope it helps!
I have also gotten a few more pictures. They are high quality, so i hope they help aswell.

A model of an Aurora class ship allready exists and currently resides in a private svn awaiting release, the model was created by TheSniper9.

Yep, I have one made, however it is not up to my standards right now so I am thinking of redoing it, but the model is waiting to be coded before it will be released.

Really? I looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything on one so I made this. Does yours look good, or just kinda blocky?

Well this was an early version of what I have,

However like I said the final version I have is not up to my standards so I will be reworking it from the ground up.

Looks a little short. From teh show, it looks to be longer than otehr ships, kinda like a lopsided uncylindrical cylinder. If I only knew how to model well, I could help you. =( And what about the interior?

This was the first ship I made so yes it was a bit short how ever it has a full interior with bridge, chair room, aux control, and two extra rooms to use as needed. Everything follows a line right down the middle to nothing is lopsided or off set other then the jut outs on both sides of the ship to make it unsymmetrical. The newer version I have been working on however is much more true to the show but still due to the Source Engine limits it will not be the right length because it would be to long to move around on any maps and thus become useless.

Ok, but I wanted to say that the hanger is pointing back on teh Cruiser, not on teh side of the part jutting out, but on teh back of it. Just wanted to point that out if you diid’t know.

SORRY! I forgot to look at otehr pictures, it is on the side, but its a little smaller. Sorry for my false knowledge. Lol

Thats alright, I had to make the hanger larger on that model so the new Jumper and 302 could fit in (not much use if you cant park a Jumper or two in there) how ever on the new model I have taken care of the space issue and can make the hanger bay doors much smaller I just reviled the new one on the Stargate thread but I will post early work on my new version here as well,

It looks great! The ratio of length to width makes it look almost like the shows! Just some good textures and a little more detail = YEAH! Maybe you can also cut it up into segments? Kinda liek SBMP does, so that way you can have a little more detail on each part?

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